The Secret World: A rat in a maze (City of the Sun God #11)


(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)

In the Dusty Dark (investigation mission)

Boy am I torn on this mission. On one hand, this is like the Indiana Jones-eque quest to end all such quests in MMOs. Crawling around the guts of an enormous evil pyramid has so much potential, and to their credit, the devs did not skimp. It is a HUGE mission that will take upwards of an hour, even if you know what you’re doing (and much more if you do not). On the other hand, it’s just wayyyy too long and has several points of frustration that still had me screaming the second time through.

At least the atmosphere is spot-on. The mission aids in this by deactivating your headlamp (you get a sarcastic “out of batteries” debuff for the duration) and forcing you to use a torch. I had quibbles with how easy it is to drop the torch if you accidentally dodge, but it’s still kind of neat. And I even like some of the rooms and little story beats, like running through hallways of poison darts, escaping a boulder (the second such event in this game), and finding ways to electrocute otherwise-invincible mummies.

Oh yeah, there are invincible mummies. Take that, Indiana Jones.


Oh wait, you can’t. You’ve fallen into a huge pit and cracked your skull. Way to go, Jones.


This is kind of an ongoing tradition of mine: Getting killed while trying to grab the perfect screenshot. The streaks of blood on the floor is a nice touch, although I do wonder who resets the boulder. The mummies?


There are five (I think) big rooms requiring you to solve a physical puzzle to proceed. Any one of these rooms would be a quest in and of itself, but nope, do five in a row. I still loathe the jumping room.


But the real capper is the labyrinth at the end. By this point you simply feel like you deserve to see the completion of the quest, but nope, here’s the longest and toughest part. Lots of puzzles to do while evading a string of InvinciMummies.


Once again I found myself cursing under my breath as I kited a monster while trying to figure out the final puzzle. It was such strong deja vu, especially when I vowed — AGAIN — to never, ever go through this quest in the future.


After such a long time making one’s way through ancient ruins, it’s so jarring for the final door to open up into a modern-looking room, complete with force fields and a genie in a bottle.

Cue a final fight against the Unbound and I don’t even want to write about it any more. I am DONE. I am DONE with City of the Sun God. I am DONE with this quest. Transylvania, prepare for my arrival!

2 thoughts on “The Secret World: A rat in a maze (City of the Sun God #11)

  1. Interestingly enough, for me the “worst” part at the first try was the invisible walkways room. For some reason, i never spotted the scroll next to the skeleton below, so i mapped the whole room on the “move to the next square, see if i fall” method. That took way too much time.

    The other rooms didn’t actually trouble me that much, although part of it is credit of my girl.The jumping room i found easy enough and the room with the pattern of swtiches on the floor my girl somehow just looked at for a few minutes and then solved it in no time.(Which came to bite me when i returned to do the mission again for some achievements… so actually my second time there, i had to spend quite a while on that puzzle to figure it out. )

    The maze and the riddles in there on the other hand are basically just repetitions of what the game already gave us earlier, either in this mission or in others, only now with the timer of the invulnerable mummy slowly walking after you.

    All by itself and in “normal” flow of your playthrough, i rate this mission quite high. The unfortunate thing is that it’s a part of the later issues, and as “post-Tokyo content” it suffers from the problem that we’re waiting for the next zone (whatever it might be) and revisiting Egypt felt a little weak due to that.

    ( My bigger gripes with TSW are on a technical side. It runs noticeably worse on new hardware, than it did on my old hardware. 😦 )

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