The Secret World: Won’t somebody think of the children? (Besieged Farmlands #2)


(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)

Who Horrifies the Horrors? (action mission, also did The Howling side mission in conjunction)

Carmen tells me that the town would be so lucky as to “only” have a vampire threat. Apparently this is ground zero for all sorts of horrible beasts of legend — and the combined weight of them is threatening to overrun the town. Naturally, there are werewolves, because you can’t ever have vampires these days without werewolves somewhere.

Strangely enough, the werewolves attacking the town aren’t doing so deliberately; it’s more like they’re genuinely scared. Fleeing. Freaked the heck out. I start following their backtrail to investigate what’s going on.


On the way out of town I see one defender who’s obviously cracked under the strain. If you talk to… her? I guess? she talks of voices in her head and giving the town over. She’s done. I’m not.


If you’ve been hoping for some tooth-and-nail werewolf fights in TSW, here you go. Lots and lots in Transylvania, and this mission alone accounts for about 30% of the total werewolf encounters in this game. It’s a very long trip through half of the map and sixteen werewolf breeds, which I suppose is helpful in getting to know the area. And also catching fleas.


Oh hey, the scarecrow guys are back! I’m actually really glad — they’re some of my favorite mob designs in the game. And they fit in quite well in this murky, rainy farmland.


At the end of a trail of footprints and severed werewolf limbs, I find the lurking horror that’s been beating down the puppies. It’s some giant mutated monstrosity of a person, and while I’m winning the fight, eventually it kicks me down to the ground…

…and then a mysterious stranger shows up and flamethrowers the mutant to death. It’s so shocking to get an ending cutscene in The Secret World that I gawped, even though I had done this before.


When the beast dies, it de-mutates back into a dead little boy. Ugh. Seriously? Seriously Funcom? You don’t pull any punches, do you?

Actually, I figure that’s why the flamethrower guy shows up, to do the actual killing so that the player can sleep tonight with a somewhat clean conscience. At least we didn’t kill a kid while playing a video game today. Small favors, I think, and my character shakes her head sadly. What changed this kid? Who did this to him?


A Trail of Breadcrumbs (action mission)

I had totally forgotten that these quests were part of one long, ongoing chain in which the completion of one mission would instantly start the next. So I guess we’re going along for the ride!

The man who saved me is simply known as the Vampire Hunter — a burned, sour gentleman who lacks anima powers or allegiance but is also very capable. He says that all of this reeks of Orochi involvement, and the corpse nearby (of COURSE there’s an Orochi corpse nearby) seems to back that up.

I start following the titular trail of breadcrumbs, bouncing from Orochi outpost to outpost in the area. Most are just vans or tents, but all have two things in common: They were sites of gruesome experiments on the local creatures and they all backfired on the experimenters.


The biggest complex, a hidden cave in the Shadowy Forest, even has a malevolent spirit of a lost child’s cry. And lots of blood, of course. And a recording of something called Virgula Divina and a place called the nursery. And a photo of a kid. Long story short, the Orochi are kidnapping kids with mental abilities and performing experiments on them — probably what caused the kid from the previous mission to hulk out.


I find the girl in the photo — she’s like 40 feet away, which tells you of Orochi’s famed tracking abilities — and she and her brother mention another pair of siblings that have gone missing in the forest.


Amid the depressing tale of missing and dead children, I get enough AP to finish my Fixer deck and snag me some Illuminati workout clothes. Go me!


One thought on “The Secret World: Won’t somebody think of the children? (Besieged Farmlands #2)

  1. Sylow December 6, 2016 / 9:55 am

    This mission and its position in your series points out one of the biggest flaws of TSWs issues. The mission chain from this mission goes through all zones of Transylvania. For the playthrough the way you do it, with a character which has all issues unlocked, it runs in parallel to the main storyline. But in terms of narrative, it belongs after the storyline. So in terms of storytelling, it would make sense that this storyline only unlocks once the character completed the storyline for this zone.

    Unfortunately doing so would come with another set of problems, among those how to inform a player that there’s now also a set of missions which were locked beforehand but should be done now, starting at the entrance of the besieged farmlands. I have no quick and easy solution for that, so i guess hoping that the player knows about this still is the best option. (Formerly you could rely on the fact that players would only buy issues once they completed the storyline so far, but with the ultimate pack including all issues, this is not true any more. )

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