Star Trek Online: Doomsday redux


Thanks to the recent free phoenix box promotion, I’ve felt encouraged to at least dip back into Star Trek Online now and then. I’m completely ditching the rest of the Delta Rising campaign — good riddance, I say — and picking up the other episode arcs that I’ve yet to do. So why not start with the time travel chain from Star Trek Online?

First up is The Core of the Matter, another Doomsday Machine story in a game that’s already gone to that well once or twice before. Daniels sends me back to the 23rd century in Romulan space (disguised, of course), to investigate some sort of temporal anomaly. It has to be exhausting to be in his line of work.


I know this design was from the 1960s and all that, but even as a kid I found the bird decal on these ships to be incredibly dorky. Like a doodle. Doodles: In Space!


We beam down to whatever planet this is, soft lens filter on and graining things up. I’m also culturally appropriating an entire alien race, which is something that Star Trek is surprisingly cool with. Love that Romulan fashion!


After a bit of investigating, I discover that the future uglies and the Na’kul are trying to sell the Romulans a pet Doomsday ship of their very own. Totally under control and all of that. This would bring the Federation to its knees, unless Jim Kirk happened to be in the area. Then he’d just talk the ship’s computer system into falling in love with his voice and all would be lost.


All deceptions are dropped and we get to kick butt, 24th century-style. Here I am rocking my newly acquired shotgun, which not only blows holes in Romulans but also immersion. I have to imagine that my crew is crowing “24TH CENTURY RULESSS!” while killing the past left and right and causing our own temporal paradoxes.


Back up in space, the bad guys turn on the Doomsday device and attempt to eat me up whole. I’m not standing for that, even in my sluggish carrier, so I start firing everything while sailing circles around this space conch.


In a fun twist of events, the Doomsday device turns on its owners and starts firing all willy-nilly. This is what happens when you try to play God, scientists! A Na’kul ship suicides into the middle of it, sending the planet-eating machine to crashland on the planet below and presumably kill all life there as we know it. So much for preserving the past! It’s kind of like if you sent a pick-up truck full of shotgun- and dynamite-toting good ol’ boys into the middle of the Revolutionary War and told them to have at it.

Oddly enough, the conclusion of this mission sees Daniels striken by… something. A change in the past? One dead planet shouldn’t be enough to make his face all Emperor Palpatine, but here we are.



3 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: Doomsday redux

  1. jameshateswordpress December 9, 2016 / 9:16 am

    Do you play ST:O on PC or Xbox? I’ve been thinking of playing on the Xbox buy didn’t know how transferable it is.

    Any insight?

  2. Syp December 9, 2016 / 9:57 am

    PC, I don’t own a console.

  3. Warsyde December 9, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    I think Daniels’ facial mutations are supposed to be a visual cue that something is “very wrong” with the timeline. Or something. I recently did the Battle at Procyon 5 queue, and the timeline resets multiple times during the mission. Agent Daniels goes from normal looking to some sort of hideous monster by the end. Actually quite painful to look at. Overall really annoying battle too, as you do the exact same thing 3 or 4 times, it just gets a bit harder each time. Did it once, don’t want to do it again. Plus, the Enterprise-F looks terrible . . .

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