6 tips for blasting through World of Warcraft’s emissary quests


I’m sure I’m far from the only MMO player who has adjusted a daily play schedule to make sure that I finish the World of Warcraft emissary quest (which is made up of four world quest completions for a specific faction or zone). Sure, they’ll backlog up to three emissary quests so you don’t HAVE to do one a day, but I find it better to stay on top of them. The rewards are worth it: reputation, gold, order resources (for more gold-generating missions), and the shot at a legendary item in the final chest are what keeps me doing them. After all, I got my one and only legendary to date through these.

But I also have no desire to spend longer than I absolutely have to running world quests every day. I make it a game to see how quickly I can blast through four quests, get my chest, and move on. After a couple of months of this, I have a few tips and strategies that I use that I thought I’d share to get your daily emissary quest done in record time.

Tip #1: Analyze the map

The very first thing I do is highlight all of the quests for a zone (or in the case of Wardens/Kirin Tor, where those quests are located), then quickly formulate my plan of attack. Quests that are close — or on — flight points get priority, as do any quests that are bunched together. Being able to hit two or three quests in a row without a lot of travel is key. I also try to factor in the five-minute cooldown on the flight whistle so that I’m not getting myself stranded or end up finishing a quest and then waiting two minutes for the cooldown.

Also, it’s important to realize which quests are too far out of the way — perhaps underground or requiring too much travel — and avoid those. That kind of comes with experience and knowing the map, but there are just some areas I won’t touch because the time wasted in getting there isn’t worth it.

Tip #2: Get and use the Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite

This free one-minute glider (on a 15-minute cooldown) is absolutely invaluable. It takes a little bit of work to collect the four pieces in Highmountain, but man is it worth it, especially in this pre-flight Broken Isles. I use it all of the time to quickly traverse terrain to get to a world quest quickly, especially when going from a very high to a low spot. The flight whistle is usually my return trip.

Tip #3: Prioritize single kills

Any quests that only require the death of a single mob are absolutely the first ones on my list. Players swarm to these and they can be done in well under a minute without any headache or stress. Even better, some of the elite one-kill mobs have terrific payouts. Sometimes you can finish these quests by getting in a single blow before the mob whittles them down, so don’t be afraid to rush in even if the mob is in combat.

Warden factions almost exclusively focus on one-kill mobs, I love those days. One day I had a string of three one-kill quests, all bunched together. Did all three in two minutes flat. It was amazing.

Tip #4: Group up

World quests, particularly the ones that require a lot of kills, are done much faster in a group, since the group can share kills. Download and use the world quest group finder to have the game automatically throw you into a group of nearby players, and you’ll find that these annoying quests get done in mere seconds.

Tip #5: Remember the easy quests

Some quests are much more simple to complete than others, and since they’ll be reused, you’ll have the opportunity to run them in the future. The mana racing cat quests, the enigma patterns, and the one where you’re a wisp in Val’Sharah are among my easy-peasy quest turnins.

Tip #6: Research and use the class order hall WQ skill daily

In what I believe was the fourth tier of class order hall abilities, I had the choice of an automatic world quest turn-in every 18 hours. This was an absolute no-brainer choice for me. Sure, it requires a 100 order hall resource cost to by the reagent, but considering I get a thousand or two resources a day from WQs, it’s no big deal. And it is a tremendous time-saver!

Basically, it brings the number of world quests you have to physically do every day down to three. And it’s a lot better to pick the three easiest and then use this skill to grab some hard-to-reach (non-elite) world quest for the fourth turn-in.

Depending on the faction and quests available, I can now get the emissary quest done in about 10-20 minutes. Some days take longer, some are shorter, but it’s a lot better than it was first starting out. Hope this helps!

4 thoughts on “6 tips for blasting through World of Warcraft’s emissary quests

  1. There’s actually only 6 classes that can instant complete a non-elite world quest; DK, DH, Mage, Paladin, Warlock and Warrior, and unless it’s changed, it’s only every three days anyway.

  2. I’d also add one about doubling up on the non-aligned quests. Pet Battle and Tradeskill quests count towards the emissary mission in the zone they’re in if up.

  3. It’s only an 18 hour turnaround on my mage, so basically one per day. I do remember reading something about every three days … they must have changed it before I got that far.

  4. If you do save up days you can often get double credit from Kirin Tor and Watchers quests which normally count towards both the quest-giver and the zone factions.

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