World of Warcraft: Love and hate in Suramar City



One of my goals this past weekend was to stop dragging my feet on Suramar and dive into the city quests with all of the gusto and bravado that I had to offer. I’ve been avoiding it for months now, using daily world quests as an excuse: “Oh, I already played WoW today. Got a chest. That’s an accomplishment. Suramar City can wait for another day.”

Part of my reluctance was hearing my guildies swear and groan at having to quest in this area. Another part came straight from my general dislike of big cities. I don’t like them in real life, I don’t like them in games. They’re crowded, claustrophobic, difficult to navigate, confining, and often frustrating. I can never really empathize with those that


praise huge and sprawling in-game cities. For some, I guess the urban sprawl is an exciting place to explore, but not me. I feel bogged down and miserable in such places, preferring my settlements to be smaller and easier to navigate.

I have to remind myself that the more time I spent in a place, the more I’ll get to know it inside and out. It’s just the matter of spending that time and getting over that feeling of “I don’t wanna be here!” at the beginning.


So far, Suramar City has brought out the love and hate in me in equal, burning measure. Let’s start with the good parts! It’s a gorgeous, intricately designed city that has multiple districts, with a real sense of


history. Even better, it’s flat-out beautiful, with lush colors, canals (and functional tour boats!), house interiors, and whatnot. It’s the first Elf city I can think of that isn’t super-duper naturetastic (perhaps I’m thinking of more organic building designs that incorporate nature rather than subjugate it). I’ve taken a lot of screenshots, let’s just say that. Plus there are grappling hooks.

However, the hate comes in strong and doesn’t leave. In addition to be frustrating to navigate, especially when my disguise


drops and I’m staring down a near-inescapable mob of enemies, it’s a place full of Elves. ELVES, people. An Elf city. Did I mention the Elves, God’s most special and perfect and beautiful creation? There’s even Elf kids. Aw. Scram ya runt.

As bad as it is to be thrust into an Elven city, the game adds insult to injury by forcing me to disguise myself as one of these accursed eyebrow-affluent jerks. For hours. Way to get on my good side there, Blizzard.


Then again, there’s a crab holding a knife. I think this may be one of my most favorite things in the entire game. It pleases me greatly.

I just want to be done with Suramar. I need it for the eventual flight clearance, so I’m slowly going through all of the quest lines, opening up portals, jumping on grapes to appease my Elven slavedrivers, and generally wishing every NPC around me dead. Once in a while I drop my disguise on purpose and just go on a killing spree to blow off steam.


Since many of you have done Suramar, I’m curious about your take on this place. Do you love it? Hate it? Feel conflicted like me?

And are you an illusion… that’s hiding something?

5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Love and hate in Suramar City

  1. Loved Suramar city it at first. Hate it with a passion now… Started hating it when I reached revered reputation. On and on, it just drags on and on and on… Now there’s more quests to potentially unlock the new raid maybe? I dread every moment of the constant grinding in Suramar city. I asked for FInal Fantasy XV for Christmas, if I get it, I’m definitely not playing WoW anymore!

  2. In general I love it, but there are some areas that are just evil and I avoid like the plague. Still at the end of the day what better activity can their be than riding a dinosaur around town and stomping/eating elves?

  3. It’s beautiful and I hate it. I don’t enjoy stealth video games. They absolutely strain my suspension of disbelief, and they require a level of patience that I don’t find fun.

  4. What class are you playing? Suramar got a lot more tolerable once I picked up Repentance on my paladin. You can just CC the special guards and walk past them. Makes moving through the city a lot smoother.

  5. Having Water Walking is almost madatory in the city. The first thing I did with my hunter was to go and tame a water strider, since I didn’t have to waterwalking mount from the Anglers rep. When you get to use the canals for navigating the districts, a lot of the frustrations with patrols droping your disguise goes away, and you can focus on the story bits. Which are just phenomenal, imo, best storytelling in the game so far.

    And as someone else already mentioned, do the quests in the zoo area and you get a world quest unlocked (Life finds a way), where you can play as a dinosaur rampaging through the noble district. It’s awesome.

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