The post-Christmas lull

Merry Christmas and Bashful Boxing Day to you all!

We had a very nice Christmas in the Syp household. With four little ones running around, Christmas is just about the most exciting time of the year, and we had fun indulging in all sorts of traditions from our advent calendar to cookie baking to decorating the patio door with crafts projects to listening to our North Pole radio that gave us sporadic updates from the elves. We worked in a couple of days with the extended family in Indiana, a Christmas morning service at church, a first-time-ever viewing of A Christmas Story with the kids (first for them, not me), and some quiet time just to be together and play.

My wife felt bad she couldn’t get me an NES Classic, but seriously, who could this season? And it wasn’t like I was going to go sulking in a corner or something. Actually, I received a couple of very nice surprises, including Bartle’s MMO book (which is a MONSTER of a tome), a Chrono Trigger mouse pad, and a nifty little Waka Waka.

One really unexpected surprise is that my mom found a box of a lot of my old Transformers and Go-Bots from the ’80s in storage. I had a blast pulling them out, seeing if I could still transform them (yes), and explaining each one to my kids. Some had strong memories attached, and I even recovered my very first Transformer from 1983 (I think).

I sometimes hit a bit of a post-Christmas lull, with a crash from all of the fun and excitement. In recent years, it’s been balanced out by my desire to get back to my structured routine after too many days off-track. That’s probably not going to happen until the second week of January, but I’ll be sure to keep busy until then.

It’s getting time to wrap up 2016 and start gearing up for 2017. I have some projects and goals in mind, and I’d rather get the ball rolling this week than waiting for the next. However, I do love end-of-year lists — both reading and writing them — so the rest of the week here at Bio Break will be focused on what I did and loved in 2016.

How was your Christmas? Get or give anything interesting?

2 thoughts on “The post-Christmas lull

  1. spagomat December 27, 2016 / 12:57 am

    I worked on an online kid’s MMO years ago and made myself read Bartle’s book (Designing Virtual Worlds, if that’s the one you’re talking about). It was time well-spent from a designer’s perspective, but it definitely felt a little out-of-date. You almost need to step back and squint to realize how prescient his ideas are for all virtual worlds, even in the current landscape (it was released in 2003, before WoW).

    I see he put a new one out last year. I’d love to see what he thinks of the MMO scene 12 years on.

    Incidentally, with four kids, you probably have one or two in the right age range to play Animal Jam. I’ve never seen it mentioned here or on Massively. My daughter was obsessed with it for several years; they really seem to know their audience.

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