Syp’s Gaming Goals: January 2017


December in review

Due to the holidays and the changes to my routine, I actually ended up with a lot less time to game than normal (turns out that when your wife AND kids are home all of the time, this happens). Still, it was kind of a good month and I leave it feeling optimistic about what I’m playing and where I’m going.

In The Secret World, I went through and documented the entire Nursery quest line as well as the Christmas mission. I did make some headway into Suramar City in World of Warcraft, but slowed way down in my progression through RIFT’s Gedlo Badlands (although I did have a lot of fun with my guild at the Christmas party). LOTRO started picking up more play time from me as I’ve been starting on the whole post-battle Update 19 content. I’ve become apathetic toward Guild Wars 2 once more, but I’m leaving that option open for the future.

Outside of MMOs, I’ve been playing a lot of Crazy Kings (tower defense game) and Knights of Pen and Paper 2 on mobile. I took a bit of a break from the Try It Tuesday series but came back for a late entry with Gone Home.

January goals

A new year always gets my imagination stirring for what I could be doing… new projects, returning to other games, etc. Finishing up Suramar City in time for 7.2 is important to me, so I’ll devote a night or two to doing nothing but that. I have a very interesting RIFT project in mind that I’m going to get started soon, I’ll be doing a night here and there in LOTRO, and I’ll be continuing with my adventures through Transylvania in The Secret World. I’m going to log in at least three Star Trek Online missions over the month as well.

I have some possibly-maybe ideas brewing, such as going through all of LOTRO’s Bingo Boffin quests in a row (yes, all 52 of them!), finishing up both SWTOR Knight expansions to see the story, and switching over to seriously level my World of Warcraft Hunter. I sort of have an itch to check back in with Final Fantasy XIV, particularly since I have never played it on this computer and there’s an expansion coming.

I would like to wrap up the Star Control 2 playthrough and then evaluate my options on a new retro game series. My list of Try It Tuesday games keeps growing, but I have a short list that I want to get around to sooner rather than later, including ARK, Virginia, and at least one MMO I’ve never played before.

Ongoing projects

  • The Secret World: Transylvania and Tokyo playthroughs
  • RIFT: Starfall Prophecy questing and puzzle project
  • LOTRO: Issue 19 and Bingo Boffin quests
  • Star Trek Online: Yesterday’s War, Iconian War, Future Proof, and New Frontiers episodes
  • World of Warcraft: Finish Suramar, get Broken Isles Pathfinder part 1
  • SWTOR: Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne solo chapters
  • Retro Gaming: Star Control 2

What do you want to do this month in your gaming?


4 thoughts on “Syp’s Gaming Goals: January 2017

  1. Alexander B Helm January 2, 2017 / 9:09 am

    I am going to finish the swtor expansion, check out the rift expansion( i bought the 60 $ version but barely played it, I may ALSO finally start suramar. Because man, that zone just sucks butt.

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards January 2, 2017 / 11:50 am

    I’ve gotten sucked back into Elder Scrolls Online. I’m playing through the Thieves Guild DLC right now, and then I want to finally get around to finishing the main story and Aldmeri zones.

  3. Roger Edwards (@ModeratePeril) January 3, 2017 / 4:53 am

    I quit LOTRO in February 2016 due to Bingo Boffin. When he gets to Mirkwood the story loses itself for awhile and becomes an arbitrary grindfest, filled with fetchquests. However I returned in October and soldiered on and then the narrative really picks up. The ending really was quite charming, to use an old fashion phrase. If you power through it in larger helpings, rather than just one mission at a time it does feel a more rewarding endeavour.

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