LOTRO: Over the river and through the woods


I have come face to face with Sauron himself… and found the final boss encounter of LOTRO somewhat anticlimactic. I think the devs got lazy on this bit.

I’ve been playing more than my fair share of LOTRO as of late. I think of it as a reunion of sorts, getting reacquainted with an old, familiar lover. Wait, friend. Friend sounds less creepy. FOR THE RECORD, I never dated LOTRO. I just want that said.


Ripple break! I had fun staging this shot. Love those ripple effects.

Anyway, I’m kind of torn between two options going forward. Option one is powering forward with my Captain, finishing Issue 19, and doing whatever after. Option two is getting behind my Lore-master and trying to blitz through three expansions’ worth of epic story to get her caught up. All things being equal, I’d stick with my Captain, but having gone back to the LM for a couple of sessions, I’ve been reminded how much I like this pet class and find its combat a whole lot more enjoyable than swinging a big sword and shouting a lot.

The LM, for the record, is level 81 and somewhere in the midst of Rohan. I don’t think that there would be a huge problem with traversing the epic story (epic battles notwithstanding) so much as making sure that I keep my level within the range of the epic if I’m not doing all of the side quests. I’m a little worried about this — at level 81, I’m trying to get through level 85 epic quests. I’m not struggling yet, but if it outpaces me too much, then I could be in trouble.


So maybe I can do it. Maybe I’ll throw up my hands and just go back to the Cappy, who had crossed over Osgiliath into North Ithilian and mooned Mordor.

I had something happen that never has happened to me since I’ve been playing LOTRO from launch — I got evicted from my house since I had last played. I usually pay rent forward as much as possible, but I’d been gone so long that this ran out and I was made destitute. Sighing heavily at how dumb this is, I bought a new home and redecorated, feeling irked at having to do so and in encountering the hook system after RIFT, WildStar, etc. Maybe I should look into a premium house? But the hobbit houses are so cozy!


I will say this: I am bound and determined to stick with my goat mount all the way up to Mount Doom. No war-horses for me any more! (That’s another advantage of the LM; with her skills and the bog-guardian, I can kill mounted mobs from range quite easily.)

My kin clued me in to a few nice quality-of-life improvements that I had overlooked, such as cosmetic weapons (woo!) and being able to consolidate bags into one big inventory panel. Man, I love that last one so much. It makes looking through my junk way easier than before.



THAT IS NOT A BABY! I almost shudder to think what is under that blanket… and am slightly curious if the LOTRO devs just didn’t want to create a model for a baby for a throwaway scene. “Let’s just cover it up!” they said, and a star was born.


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