The Secret World: Blajini hijinks (Besieged Farmlands #4)


(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)

The Kindly Ones (action mission)

Finally, back on track in the Besieged Farmlands! One thing I’ve noticed in this zone is that it wears its supernatural weirdness pretty out in the open. Right from the get-go there are all sorts of good and bad creatures from the fae wandering around, including the Blajini.


I guarantee you that you haven’t ever seen NPCs like these in an MMO before. The Blajini, whose name means the “kind-hearted ones,” are part of Romanian folklore and are short people with rat-like faces that come from a parallel earth (why not). In TSW, they are refugees seeking shelter from the encroaching vampires. Their leader, Petru, is a Marxist revolutionary (why not) who wants me to seek out the other Blajini in hiding and encourage them to head to town for safety.

The quest involves scouting around the area for likely Blajini hiding spots (burrows, houses, haystacks, etc.) and then playing a bit of Petru’s revolutionary nonsense on a tape recorder to lure them out. And then I catch them, enslave them, and have a small army to overwhelm my enemies, right? Riiiight.


I won’t lie, it’s not a particularly interesting mission, but it is the only one featuring the Blajini so I’ll go easy on them. I like how it ends in an atmospheric waterfall cave.

I’m slow on the uptake, but one thing that I’ve been realizing as of late is that the lore that I mindlessly pick up while questing often has to do with the quest I’m on. There’s a Blajini lore in the cave that talks about these kindly ones and how they help people in many ways. Makes me far more willing to escort them back to town.


Of the Forest (action mission)

The relationship between bartender Sophie and the mysterious Forest God is one of the most fascinating in the game to me. Sophie’s always been more in tune with the supernatural world around her, and for some reason, the mighty Forest God has come to depend on her for advice and support. I’m not exactly sure whether or not this is a romantic relationship (even a simmering one), but there is a bond between the two that’s sweet and caring. It’s nice to see in a game like this.

Anyway, Mr. Stag Head (as Geary calls him) is in pain due to the disrespect that the vampires, werewolves, and other miscreants are showing nature. There’s no great endgame with the vamps; they just want to tear the world down and don’t care what happens after.


I do what I can to help counteract the anti-environmentalism going on in this zone. I write strongly worded letters to my congressman, I participate in protests, and I guilt people into reposting articles on Facebook by saying that 97% of them will not do it.

Oh wait. No, what I actually do is plant magic acorns, blow away a small army’s worth of bad guys, rescue kidnapped villagers, and shoot corrupted trees to little itty bits.


I’ve been tinkering with my build more and more as of late. I’m moving to a critical-trigger build, increasing my crit as much as possible while attaching all sorts of passives effects that occur when I crit — heal, DOT, extra hit, etc. It’s a little bit more straight forward, so I’m seeing how it goes.


The Uncorrupted (side mission)

At the site of the big showdown from the previous mission is this side mission in which I must protect the last unicorn and bring it to safety. OK, replace “unicorn” with “faun” and “last” with “got stuck behind a boulder,” but it’s the same thing.

Escort missions in The Secret World are kind of weird. Sometimes you can just blitz your way right to the end and not worry about all of the mobs popping out of the woodwork. As long as you get to the end, the escortee is fine and the mission completes. Yet other times you really do need to babysit, especially with the escortee won’t match your run speed.


One thought on “The Secret World: Blajini hijinks (Besieged Farmlands #4)

  1. Sylow January 9, 2017 / 8:58 am

    Yea. The communist Blajini. I wish they would’ve been used more. They have their very own touch, using communist propaganda messages (and blunt ones as that) to get them out of their hiding spots was very amusing.

    I don’t really know why there’s not more of them, in the current state they a bit have the touch of “local folklore found, something about it implemented, check and done”. But alas, either the writer didn’t have big ideas for them any more, or they ran out of time coding stuff there and other things had priority.

    And yes, some escort missions in TSW are well done, and some are as annoying as they are in any other MMO. Why they went for both flavours i’ll never understand.

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