World of Warcraft: There is no cow level


That cow honestly looks so mad at me. Maybe in response to all of the ground beef I’ve eaten in my life.

I really wanted to see the Diablo cow level this week. Yes, it’s silly, but there’s something about a special little event that you can’t immediately experience that makes you want it all the more. On Wednesday night, I had time for a single dungeon, and our team failed to get it together enough to kill the treasure goblin after. I did another dungeon on Thursday, same result, and then on the urging of my guildies, hung out in the Dalaran sewers instead.

That did the trick — about 20 minutes later, a treasure goblin was downed and a portal opened to this bovine hell.


To tell the truth, there isn’t much to any of this. You get briefly amused at all of the “demonic” cows and Tauren mobs running around saying “MOO!” You kill the Cow King for a collection of loot. You add the guitar to your toy box and get the achieve. That’s about it.

Still, silly, fun little things like this are what break up the routine and briefly brings communities together. It’s a nice nod to the Diablo franchise and was a welcome distraction before returning to the real hell: Suramar City.


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