World of Warcraft: 8 things I love about playing an Unholy Death Knight


I’ve come to the personal conclusion that maining an Unholy Death Knight in the Legion expansion was a really great pick for me. I was more leaning the Hunter route during the Draenor days, but I couldn’t be happier with my katana-wielding, necromantic space goat. Here is a reason why. And another reason. And six more past that.

1. Death Grip

My contentment with the class stems from the sum of its parts: It just all meshes so very well together to make a character that’s a whole lot of fun to play. Death Grip helps with that, yanking enemies from yards away right into melee range. I use this all the time to grab a second or third mob and quickly position it inside of my AOE fields. Speaking of which…

2. AOE madness

Hitting a lot of mobs at once is a great feeling, especially when you’re doing that as an AOE DOT. The combination of my plague and the big red circle o’ death means that I can wade into a pack of bad guys and take them down near-simultaneously. As a part of the core combat of this build, it’s deeply satisfying to unleash again and again and again. Also, being able to toss out an outbreak long-distance to AOE tag a whole bunch of mobs is wonderful when I need to tag things for quests.

3. Pet frenzy

Believe it or not, but the pet situation for the Unholy DK got way better in Legion. Depending on the fight, I have a minimum of two pets and a maximum of… 20? I think? There’s my abomination (which always boasts great names like Burpface), my skeletal archer, the occasional exploding zombie, the Valkyr summons, and two different ways to pull up a small army of skeletons. None of them are tanks or do a massive amount of DPS by themselves, but they’re great assistants and can come together to form a Voltron of pain.

4. Wraith Walk

I am a massive fan of this skill, which lets me have a short-duration 100% speed boost every minute or so. It’s far more useful than I first thought, less for being a true travel skill and more for sprinting over to a place quickly, having some sort of speed boost underground, or getting out of a bad situation. The cooldown is short enough to be able to use this almost always when I need it, and I even extended its duration via traits.


5. Path of Frost

Along the topic of travel powers, there is practically nothing so helpful in that department than to be able to strut across water like you own the place. Especially when flight is still off the table. Canals become paths, ponds become shortcuts, and oceans become escape zones. The Broken Isles have a lot of water all over the place, and this comes in handy quite often as a result. I love activating it while swimming, jumping up on top of the water, then mounting for a quick ride to my destination.

6. Mage-buster

I guess one of the roles that the DK is supposed to fill is that of the mage-buster, and in this regard, it does fairly well. I have a nice interrupt (then again, who doesn’t?), can Death Grip for a second interrupt, and can activate my anti-magic shield to give me an edge in a fight with spellcasters. Again, it’s situational, but the situation comes up often enough for this to be proved useful instead of useless.

7. The look

I’ll admit that I’m not above being a sucker for looking good, and the DK has that in spades. I’m not talking about all of the hulking gothic armor (I prefer a light-and-lithe ensemble, myself), but rather the look of the class’ skills and pets. It’s not your typical dark necromancer, but rather a hard-hitting general who wades into a fight with a two-handed sword with an undead army at her back.

8. Survivability

Finally, I am just so hard to kill, I make John McClaine jealous. Not impossible, mind you, but there have been so many fights that I thought I should’ve been toast and yet squeaked out a victory even so. Having a skill that heals me as I attack helps, as does the heavy armor, Draenei self-healing, and the legendary that makes my anti-magic shield a thing of beautiful healing protection, but again it really is the sum of the parts that makes this work. Less deaths equals a less frustrated player wading through content being content. That made sense in my head, at least.


3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: 8 things I love about playing an Unholy Death Knight

  1. Silverangel January 9, 2017 / 10:23 pm

    I was thinking about returning to WoW when my LoTRO sub is up, just to pick up my DK again. I didn’t even consider changes to the class that could have made it even better since I last played. (I’ve only ever seen Gargoyle pets for DK.) Thanks for an inspirational blog post.

  2. Silverangel January 9, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    I guess they were ghouls, not gargoyles.

  3. Syp January 10, 2017 / 9:48 am

    Apparently today’s patch is beefing up Unholy DK damage, so I’m pretty happy.

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