The great music overhaul of 2016


So if you’ll excuse my extreme nerdiness and self-indulgence today, I wanted to talk about my music collection.

Ever since I started collecting digital music in the early 2000s, I had my own organizational system. It’s nothing fancy, just a dozen or so folders devoted to various musical genres (pop, video game, comedy, Christian, etc.), into which I would put songs that I generally liked. I used to keep EVERYthing, but having long since realized that there are tracks I will never listen to ever again, I stopped doing that and only saved songs that I liked for one reason or another. The only exception to this plan these days are MMORPG soundtracks, which I have kept in full due to the projects that I use them for.

So as I listen to and sort tracks, I have thrown the best into a folder that I’ve called “Mobile Mix.” Since I have too much music to fit on most mobile devices (first iPods, later the iPhone and my car’s flash drives), I wanted to pull music that I would listen to the most while I was on the go. A favorites mix, if you will, which is something that I imagine many people have.

Over time, I kept throwing files willy-nilly into the Mobile Mix folder to the point where it started to buckle from being too big. At the start of this week, the folder contained over 4,500 tracks, which I had come to realize was causing issues. Firstly, it takes my car almost three minutes to index all of those and start playing them after I turn it on, which has caused a few hilarious moments when music abruptly started blaring while we’re already driving and my wife jumps out of her seat. Second, many of the songs that I had thrown into that folder were no longer appealing to me. I might have liked them at one time or included them because I thought they were noteworthy, but they weren’t “listen to all of the time” candidates any more. The whole idea of this mix is that it’s Syp’s personal radio station, and I should never want to skip a song of it because I don’t like it for whatever reason.

Because of this realization, this week I sat down and started a lengthy project to go back through all 4,500 tracks, listening to them one by one, and culling the songs that don’t have high replay value. I’m also taking the opportunity to fix spelling, capitalization, and other formatting errors.

It’s going to be a slow process, to be sure, but I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it. It’s that satisfying feeling of cleaning out a room that you’ve neglected for too long. Plus, it’s a chance to reaquaint myself with some of my old favorites and remember when I had added these. Also, I’m realizing just how weird my tastes are. As my wife said the other day when we were driving, “Is this the theme to the Snorks?”

Yes. Yes it is. Have some fun with the Snorks, my dear.

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