Star Control 2: I’m da bomb


(This is part of my journey going checking out Star Control 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

As the Utwig head off to war against the bad guys, I feel like I’m running against the clock to get that bomb and do my own Death Star trench run before all of my allies end up being space fodder.


While I have permission from the Utwig to go get the precursor bomb from one of their planets, the Druuge show up and seem to think that it’s still theirs. Or it should be theirs. It’s aggressive mercantile strategy, and I’m going to have to counter it with aggressive starship punches to the faces.


With the Druuge fertilizing outer space with their remains, I land on the planet and claim the bomb for my own. Totally seems like a good idea to be carrying a massive bomb around in my cargo hold, right?


I head over to meet the last undiscovered alien race, the Umgah, but they’re having a Bad Day. Apparently they rescued one of the Ur-Quan’s “talking pets” and bioengineered it into sentience, whereupon it used its psychic powers to take over the Umgah and force them to do its bidding. It tries the same on me, but one of my devices shields me from the psychic attack.


This guy is flat-out hilarious, by the way. After beating his ships, he pretends to have turned a new leaf, but then gets real and promises to help as a member of my crew against the Ur-Quan. His psychic powers could come in handy and he has a grudge against them, so why not?


It’s time for the final showdown! The Chmmr install the bomb on my ship, which unfortunately takes a LOT of slots and disables my emergency warp-out ability. The good news is that I now have unlimited funds to outfit the rest of my ship and build a fleet for the confrontation. Next stop: the heart of the Ur-Quan empire!


This really is the point of no return. The Ur-Quan’s super-weapon is surrounded by a massive fleet, and the aliens are so incensed that I defy them that they pronounce genocide against all humans.

But they got to get through me, first.

I discuss the plan with the talking pet, and he uses his psychic powers to clear out that massive fleet orbiting the planet. With those ships distracted, I swoop in and attack the remainders around the weapons platform.


My bird allies swoop in (so to speak) in the midst of the battle to deliver much-needed reinforcements. BAWWK!


Here it is, the precursor weapons platform. It’s a tough nut to crack, as it’s protected by a shield. I have to knock out eight generators before making my bombing run.


My escape pod detaches and the ship/bomb explodes, taking out the Sa-Matra and effectively destroying both alien races.


Fan service!


I wake up in the hospital above earth in time to see the red slave shield finally come down. We did it! I am victorious! And I have a cute blue girlfriend to boot!

That’s the end of one of the best retro game experiences I’ve had to date. Star Control 2 holds up remarkably well even today, thanks to its fun space sim and RPG mechanics, the weird and wooly alien races, and the witty writing. I can see why it’s been regarded as a classic.

It might be the end of the game, but not of this playthrough series, because I have an interesting coda coming for you tomorrow!

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