Syp’s Gaming Goals: February 2017


January in review

I think I might have had less gaming time this past month than in quite a while, but I still was able to accomplish a couple of significant projects. First up, I finally got Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 1 on my Death Knight in World of Warcraft, which was a huge psychological boost as we start the countdown to 7.2. There are a few to-dos left for me in Legion right now, so I’ve slowed down and am evaluating possible alternatives (read: I played around with alts a lot).

The other big project was finally putting the wraps on my retro journey through Star Control 2. It was one heck of a ride — and also a very long one, too. It was such a great game from start to end, and I was happy to get to document it all.

My primary MMO in January was Lord of the Rings Online, as I worked on bringing my Lore-master up to the level cap. I’m up to 96, so I’m within striking distance and working on some virtues in the meanwhile. Otherwise, I dabbled a bit in Star Trek Online, RIFT, and The Secret World.

February goals

I’ve got a mind to check back in with SWTOR and perhaps sub up for a month to go through the recent expansions. It’d be great to have my Imperial Agent continue her journey, even if it isn’t a full-time endeavor.

There are always those other games that I keep thinking, sooner or later, I’ll get to. Games like Shroud of the Avatar (is it any better? Time to give it a good try?), Project Gorgon (are we on Steam yet?), and Elder Scrolls Online (must join the housing herd! also, expansion!). Maybe it’ll happen this month, maybe not.

In my current games, I want to get away from lopsided gaming and spread out my love to all of my regulars. Getting an episode arc done in Star Trek Online would be terrific, and I do want to pick up the pace a little bit in The Secret World (I’ve been very pokey). RIFT is… I don’t know. I’ve really lost steam there but I usually log in for a little bit every day, if only to say hi to my guildies. We’ll see.

I will be starting up a new retro gaming series (something much different than I’ve done in the past) and I’m very much looking forward to the release of Torment: Tides of Numeria later this month.


One thought on “Syp’s Gaming Goals: February 2017

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards February 1, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    I’m likely to stick with ESO for the time being. I’m vaguely considering a return to WoW, but I’m not sure right now. I’d like to get Suramar done before 7.2 launches, but otherwise I’m not especially excited to return to Azeroth at the moment.

    Also hoping for a new commander for SC2 co-op soon. Been a while since the last one, and Stukov didn’t exactly set my world on fire, so it feels like longer than it has been.

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