LOTRO: 300 wolves stood against I, and 300 wolves fell


To borrow the words of Gob from Arrested Development, I’ve made a huge mistake.

Ever since switching back to my Lore-master, I have been more or less laser-focused on getting her to the same spot where my Captain was so that she’d be ready for Update 20 and then the expansion. As I blogged about before, I figured that I could just focus on the epic, power level up using every trick at my disposal, and be there in a week or two. But because I was fairly fresh back to the game, I wasn’t thinking about a couple of other factors when I dusted my LM off — namely, her virtues and class traits.

The other night our kin was talking about the current cap for virtues (19), which made me remember that, oh yeah, they exist, and maybe I should see what my Lore-master has. Now, to my credit, I hadn’t fully neglected her on her journey up through the levels. I think that for an early Rohan character, she was pretty on track, with 13s and 14s across the board (and one lovely 19). But when I came back and pushed her through the epics (ignoring all of the zone quests), I had neglected the advancement that rounded her out, statwise.

Even worse, I had totally forgotten that there are all of these side objectives to gain extra class trait points, which are definitely much more important in increasing power and potential. And if I was going to make this character my main — which I do want — then I knew it was going to drive me mad to not see her at least close to her full potential.


I’m also kicking myself a little that I blew through a 6,000 or so Turbine Point pool from all of my time off that I could’ve used for boosts or straight-up virtue points. So with a sigh, I put a bookmark in the epic, and turned my attention and energy to fleshing out my character. Back to Rohan we go!

I made up a list of everything that I need to do to get her near 19s in virtues and grab as many of those extra class trait points (and no, I am NOT doing tons of epic battles for those two points). It’s a lot, maybe a month’s worth at my pace. Maybe more, it’s hard to tell. Lots of backtracking, lots of slayer deeds, and two zones or so of make-up quests.

There is a bright spot to all of this. Several, actually. The first is that part of me doesn’t mind some grinding and farming when the end result is a stronger character. Having that goal is, well, a goal, and that’s a powerful motivator. The second is that when these virtues start pushing me into Gondor, then I’ll start picking up much-needed XP from them. I could use about four levels right now, levels I could’ve gotten before if I had been thinking, but oh well. I’m also especially eager to hit level 100 so that I can equip my two first-agers, which will be a major boost in power.


The third is that it’s giving me a chance to really traverse and explore these lands once more. It’s kind of fun when you’ve outleveled a mob and can get in its face to check out the art and animation without aggroing it.

Right now I’m in Wildermore, killing 300 wolves and wondering why slayer deeds are still so brutal, even after nerfs. I guess it really does depend on whether or not you can find a good farming spot with lots of mobs and respawns. I gave up on the one that had me killing mounted foes, because I could’ve been doing that for months to come. And that is time I don’t have.

At the current schedule of rollout, I figure that I should be fine with getting all of this done well before Mordor. Update 20 and 10th anniversary are heading our way soon, but if I’m a little late to that party, it’s not the end of the world. As long as I’m there for day one of Mordor, I’ll be happy. I just want to be as prepared for it as can be.


One thought on “LOTRO: 300 wolves stood against I, and 300 wolves fell

  1. Jacob February 2, 2017 / 10:58 am

    You probably know this, but I’ll mention it because I re-ran into it the other day, and head-slapped myself since I had forgotten.

    There are exp gain buffs that you can buy with perks! And that might help to get your level caught up faster. For me at least perks mostly sit there unspent, so this is a nice way to catch up.

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