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SWTOR: The Marr and Satele Show


Back to SWTOR for part two of my largely unnecessary vision quest through the gorgeous Odessan wilds. Satele and Force Ghost Marr show up to do their song-and-dance routine (not literally, although if SWTOR suddenly became a musical, that would have made my day) that pretty much boils down to the same lecture that both the pretentious Jedi and the stuck-up Sith have been giving since Day One: The Force is awesome. The Force guides you. There is no resisting the Force. If you expose the Force to direct sunlight, it may explode. Keep the Force out of reach of small children, especially with high midichlorian counts. The Force is good for a 20% discount at most local diners. And so on. Blah blah blah TALK.

If I as a Star Wars fan was enraptured with the whole Force element of the franchise or if my character was a Force user, I suppose I might have received this differently. But there is a good reason why I went Imperial Agent, which is that I didn’t want to be waving neon tubes around and mucking about with the most ill-defined and ambiguous religious concept in the galaxy. I want to win by practical, non-lecturey methods.

But even though I try to shut these two down any chance I’m given, I still have to go on the rest of this walk and accept their help. Wait, “help.” Yes, that properly conveys my annoyance.


You simply cannot blame me for seeing these “training poles” in the wilds and instantly assuming that some sadistic BioWare designer had come up with another jumping puzzle. I mean, right? That’s the first thing anyone playing this game this far would assume. But it was just a shortcut and nothing more.

Huh. Sometimes SWTOR surprises me.


Love the overhead perspective of this cave shot. So we get to visit another Force cave (I’m assuming), where Marr and Satele set up some sort of visionistic fight against Vaylin. It’s not a terribly easy fight, but thanks to my self-heals and the fact that, oh yeah, I’m an awesome Imperial Agent who actually trains hardcore and doesn’t expect the universe to jump at her finger beckoning, I win the day. Kind of a hollow victory, but oh well.


Marr and Satele offer to help me build a special weapon that might actually kill the Emperor. I was thinking about how I was doing just fine the last time I fought him, but hey, free gun, who am I to say no? There are options here to have one or the other or both help you make the weapon, as well as an option for the weapon’s focus, but the game doesn’t explain any of it, so I made a couple of random picks and here I am with my new cave gun.

I finally stumble back to the base, determined to kick Lana’s butt for suggesting that I take a stroll in the woods for clarity. Next time, she gets to do it while I sit in my office and devour a whole box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. The coconut ones are my favorite!

One thought on “SWTOR: The Marr and Satele Show

  1. Yeah, that chapter is super awkward as a non-Force user. Fortunately, none of the following chapters feel quite as “out there”.

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