Secret Adventures: The owls are not what they seem (Besieged Farmlands #11)

(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)

Sacred Protection (side mission)

There’s a figurative light at the end of the tunnel for this zone! I’m only a few handful of missions away from finishing up Besieged Farmlands, which has taken me about two months longer than I had originally hoped.

Anyway, there’s this vampire camp that is also populated by werewolves, although it seems like the wolves are the vamps’ slaves. It’s there that I stumble upon some sort of Christian relic, and in the name of scientific inquiry, I go sticking it in the faces of the different species of bad guys to see what happens. Actually, I don’t see much of anything that really happens, but I guess it must’ve been sufficiently holy because the final step is to jog over to the church and put it on the altar for additional protection. At least I’m leaving this area having made a couple of places safer than they were originally.

The Gathering (action mission)

Before I finally wrap up the zone with the main storyline, I only have some missions around Cucuvea. She’s an incredibly ancient woman who, among other things, has lived at least back in to the third age, can turn into an owl, and is pitting herself against the forces of Lilith and the Vampire Queen. She’s also an awesomely doddering old lady who keeps trying to figure out technology, like computers and cameras.

Make no mistake — this is one of the big generals for the forces of good in the Secret World, and so it’s nice to take orders from someone not 100% selfish. She notes that due to the circumstances, Lilith’s children (the vamps and werewolfs) have all gathered together in a fairly concentrated spot, making them a prime target for a preemptive strike. And strike I shall!

What follows is one of the more difficult action missions, slowly weaving up into a sprawling enemy camp on the ridge that has high mob density, sharpshooters, and a few leaders. The leader fights are really wicked, as several adds spawn in when you attack. I kept managing to kill the leader but then would die soon after to the spawns, then have to figure out how to run back in anima form (which is a headache because you can’t really see where you’re going).

It was only on the very last fight that I thought to open my inventory and check out what I had there. Lo and behold, I had a few apples and crystals from Cucuvea. The apples would heal me up and the crystals did powerful AoE damage, both of which would have been of immense use before. But at least they helped me now, because there was no way I was going to finish that final boss fight on my own.

In a mission post-script, Geary notes that she has some respect and awe for Cucuvea due to how little we know of her. That’s a recommendation right there for you.

Deathless (action mission)

There’s a new threat that needs to be contained, a group of spirit-cultists called the Deathless. I don’t recall doing this mission originally or ever seeing these mobs in the game before or since, so I’m wondering if they’re a weird one-shot foe. In any case, Cucuvea says that the whole explosion in Tokyo sent problems (and Filth) all over the world, and the Deathless are somehow connected. Enough of a reason to wipe them out, I guess.

I am really puzzled why they didn’t reuse these assets, because the Deathless are an intriguing group. They’re pretty wicked in the looks department, with cut and bloodied robes and messed-up hands underneath. My only qualm with them is that most of these mobs enjoy locking you out of your skills at least once a fight, which is exactly as fun as it sounds.

As this very long, very hard mission progresses, eventually you get transformed (for some reason) into a Deathless yourself. It’s not really an advantage at all, since this cuts you down to only three skills and fails to, say, make you much stronger as a trade-off. Lots of carefully orchestrated fights as I pushed further into the ruins of a monastery to eventually take down the leader.

No-Hope Chest (side mission)

In the ruins is a chest containing… nothing. But nearby is a camera showing a Filth-covered artifact and a Deathless hovering above it, suggesting a connection between the two. A wallet a little bit away tells me that this all belongs to the brother of the one French girl, which means that this is where he stole the artifact to try to sell it off before his untimely end. Was it worth it, mon frere?


One thought on “Secret Adventures: The owls are not what they seem (Besieged Farmlands #11)

  1. Sylow March 18, 2017 / 8:19 pm

    On Sacred Protection:

    I don’t remember -exactly- what the cross does, but i do remember that i felt the difference when i was there the first time. I think depending on which type of enemy you used it on, it either placed a DoT, debilitation or exposition on the target. For my setup at that time, which was built around outlasting an enemy and had a bit low damage, i felt it to help.

    On The Gathering, i always kept that stuff for the last fight. Mostly i needed it to quickly dispose of the several vampires. I haven’t done the mission since ages and i guess with the gear which is common these days, this is not essential any more, but the tools you get there might still be helpful. Actually in very old times, there were people who kept the mission at the “pick up apples” stage, so they could restock on them for any other mission in the zone.

    On Deathless, there is ata least one more mission where you have to face them. But as you also stated, thanks to their lockdown specials, fighting them is just annoying and people tend to avoid them. All in all, this one ranks high among my personal list of missions i hate.

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