Battle Bards Episode 95: Caverns and caves

Are they music critics or funky spelunkers? Today, the Battle Bards are both as they delve into the secrets of MMORPG cave and cavern music. It may not be a part of these games that you think about muchly, but underground spaces tend to be assigned their own unique sounds and themes. Let’s check them out!

Episode 95 show notes (show page, direct download)

  • Intro (feat. “Cave of Wonders” from Vanguard, “Cave of Life” from MapleStory, and “Christmas Caverns” from RuneScape)
  • “Mysterious Cavern” from Shroud of the Avatar
  • “Misterious Cave” from Lineage II
  • “Caverns of Time” from World of Warcraft
  • “Ursa Caverns” from Rappelz
  • “Nameless Cave” from Ragnarok Online 2
  • “Memorial Caverns” from Free Realms
  • “Kaphras Cave” from Black Desert
  • Which one did we like the best?
  • Jukebox picks: “Main Theme” from Dragon Age Origins, “To the Ends of the Galaxy” from Stellaris, “Main Theme (Amiga)” from Secret of Monkey Island
  • Outro (feat. “Frostshard Cavern” from Aion)

One thought on “Battle Bards Episode 95: Caverns and caves

  1. Hopefully Syl and Steff can see the comments here. I tried to leave this on the Libsyn page for the show, but comments there don’t seem to be working. It gave me an error when I tried to post there :/ This was the only other link I had handy about the show aside from MOP, so posting it here. Hope that’s ok.

    Great show as always bards! Thought I’d share with you my own brief notes on the songs you covered in the podcast. Normally I don’t write thoughts down as I listen, but decided to this time for various reasons. I’ll try to be as brief as possible, LOL.

    I haven’t had a chance to look up full versions of the tracks yet, so comments are based solely on the parts of the tracks that were played on the podcast. Also, I mostly haven’t played any of these games except BDO (did play WOW a bit years ago, but never got far) so no in-game context for me while listening.

    Song 1 (“Mysterious Cavern”): I like this track. I get a real sense of being in a cave, peering around corners, straining to see through the darkness with only the light of a torch. There’s a feeling of tension and suspense, of being constantly tense and expecting something to leap out of the darkness at you at any moment.
    Song 2 (“Misterious Cave”): I get more of a “derelict mansion or ruins” vibe from this track, not “cave/underground” vibes. I can picture this playing as you wander around the empty(?) halls of some old and dusty castle, looking for any signs of life. Nice music, but nothing about it is all that notable or memorable to me.
    Song 3 (“Caverns of Time”): Intro really gives me the feeling of coming upon some underground wonderland, like a large crystalline cavern that’s partially lit somehow, perhaps with shafts of light coming in through crevices in the ceiling. The latter part of the track moves away from that and sounds more like going-to-battle music to me rather than cave music.
    Song 4 (“Ursa Caverns”): Not getting much of a cave vibe from this one. It sounds more like “going on an adventure” music or travel music to me. It’s very peppy and seems to say “C’mon, let’s go!”
    Song 5 (“Nameless Cave”): Spooky opening. Really evokes the feeling of darkness. I like the tune, but not sure it necessarily sounds cave-like to me.
    Song 6 (“Memorial Caverns”): Sparkly. Pretty. Not sure if it sounds cave-like to me though.
    Song 7 (“Kaphras Cave”): Sounds like PI show music. Conveys the feeling of danger well. Agree that on it’s own it doesn’t sound like something from BDO because it does sound very urban/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic. I’ve been in this cave in game, but don’t really recall this music so it must not have been too jarring or sounded too out of place in context. I think I actually have to go there again for a quest sometime soon-ish so I’ll try to remember to listen for it then.

    Other comments: Syp, you were absolutely brutal on the ladies’ choice on the first two tracks. Bit surprised you disliked both of them so much. Likewise Syl with the Memorial Caverns(?) track toward the end. Felt a bit sorry for Steff caught in the middle on that one.

    Again, great show, and I look forward to hearing more 🙂

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