Back from Disney!

As you might have been able to deduce from this past week of posts here on Bio Break, I’ve been AFK on vacation. I generally don’t like publicly announcing that I’m going on vacations in advance for security reasons, but now that I’m back, I’m able to tell you that we took the family for a week of Disney World park hopping.

We knew going into it that it would be a challenging trip, what with four kids (with the youngest only 15 months). Add some unseasonably warm weather (90 degrees most days) and a whole heck of a lot of crowds, and we weren’t able to go as fast as we wanted. But still, it was a good trip. We hit all four parks, did a lot of rides, saw some shows (the Finding Nemo musical was fantastic), and generally tried to provide a memorable experience for the kids. I had the foresight to pick up one of those baby backpack things for when we were standing in lines, because a 20-pound kid gets to be so dang heavy after 40 minutes.

Disney is probably my favorite vacation destination in the whole world. I’ve always loved it, ever since I was a kid, and it’s really neat to be able to share that with my own kids now that I’m older. I adore the attention to detail that’s put into the parks, the variety of rides, the atmosphere, the insanely nice employees, and how the different attractions spark the imagination. The new Frozen boat ride at Epcot was such a terrific experience, and I always welcome a trip that includes a ride or two of my beloved Haunted Mansion. Obviously, I’m a “theme park” guy through-and-through.

I am looking forward to when the kids get a bit older and we do this again, however. Their stamina wasn’t the greatest and there were several rides we never got around to doing (like Jungle Cruise or the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show). I think it’d be pretty fun to walk around the World Showcase with an older set, too.

It was nice to take a break from writing and working for a week, even if it wasn’t a “relaxing” week. Recharge the batteries, be with the family, and experience a change from the routine. It was very surreal to see all of the huge news come out this past week, and be assured that I have a few posts brewing about the Secret World thing and the new WoW and LOTRO patches.

Hope you all had a good week in your own fantasy kingdoms!


5 thoughts on “Back from Disney!

  1. paeroka April 2, 2017 / 11:31 am

    I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice. I don’t have any kids, but I just loved seeing the kids walk around there. So many kids smiling and laughing. ❤ Just like yours in that picture (adorable, by the way!)

    (And yes, I may have looked like that as well at some points during the trips – we're all kids again sometimes, right?)

  2. Katriana April 2, 2017 / 12:50 pm

    I currently live about a 2 hr drive from Disney World in Orlando and have only ever been there once – back in 1986 when I went with my HS band over spring break from Texas. We came out to FL to compete in a competition, but also got to have 3 days at Disney as a bonus. Had a great time back then, and maybe one day I’ll get back.

  3. doyce April 6, 2017 / 10:34 am

    How did your kids like Animal Kingdom? My oldest just went to that park, and we’re planning to all go as a family in October for a week, and her current review of AK is “avoid at all costs so boring not enough animals, not enough rides, and too many boring signs bleeeeaaaah.”

  4. Syp April 6, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    They actually REALLY loved it. There were a lot of things to look at and explore, so while it was light on rides, it made up for that with visual variety. I think at the end of the week they were more ready for a zoo experience anyway.

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