Syp’s Gaming Goals for April

March in review

With a week of vacation and all of the prep that went into it, I had much less gaming time than usual  It wasn’t a bad month, even factoring in that. For starters, I did finish up Besieged Farmlands in The Secret World and get my LOTRO Lore-master all of the way through North Ithilien quests in anticipation of Update 20. I probably spent more time in LOTRO than any other game, to tell the truth.

I also advanced my World of Warcraft Warlock to level 109 and through the third leveling zone. She’s probably going to have to wait in the wings for a while thanks to Patch 7.2. I also tried out my first micro-holiday, the Un’Goro one, and found it kind of… lacking. Oh! I also did a few mythic dungeons on my Death Knight and gained some confidence there to do more in the future.

In the non-MMO side of things, I played about five hours of Torment (off and on, still hasn’t really sucked me in) and mostly fiddled about with Fallout Shelter and Bit City on mobile. As I said, not the most exciting month, gaming-wise.

April goals

With two major MMO patches just out, I have some serious road ahead of me (and I’m already behind!). I’m going to focus on Broken Shore stuff with my DK in World of Warcraft for a while and see how far I can get in the Wastes in LOTRO. I feel less pressed for LOTRO stuff than WoW, although both patches offer new rep grinds and some daily stuff.

Due to Secret World Legends’ announcement, I’m suspending my Secret Adventures playthrough series. I won’t be doing the beta, but am planning to be in SWL for day one of launch.

One goal I am setting for myself is to play and finish Torment. I have a feeling that if I’m more consistent about playing it, then I’ll start to get into its groove. And I don’t want to buy any more games (such as Mass Effect) until I finish this one. There’s a satisfaction to finishing a single-player game, and I want to feel it here.


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