World of Warcraft: Invasion buster!


Blizzard is most certainly going to milk Patch 7.2 for all its worth. Just like the expansions, World of Warcraft’s patches like to hold things back so that it’s not an “all at once” type of scenario. This time around, there’s even a schedule discussing the gradual rollout of the patch’s features, and that doesn’t include the future unlocking of the new Tomb of Sargeras raid (which, of course, is featured in the patch title itself).

For me, it works out just fine. I’m not an “all at once” consumer anyway; I need time to get used to all of the new systems and content, and considering how much of it there is with 7.2, I’m glad that it’s being time-gated, that way I can enjoy my flashbacks to garrisons as I leisurely construct my new base on the Broken Shores.

Honestly, all I care about right now is getting flying. I am definitely sick of having to weave my way up and down cliffs and use all sorts of little cheats to get around the zones. I’m not exactly sure how much time I’m going to have to sink to get Part 2 of the achievement, but at least its a once-and-done thing for my account. I appreciate that.

Anyway, this week marked the unlock of the new Legionfall assaults, which harkens back to the pre-expansion events that did similar things across Azeroth. Now we’re getting these invasions in the Broken Isles every so often, and so far I’m finding them pretty intuitive and beneficial.

The invasions are tied into the world quest system so that you have to do four in a particular zone before you can progress to the next two stages. All in all, it takes around a half-hour to work up to the invasion ship counter-invasion, and since there’s some good rep here and other rewards, I guess I’m going to have to tack this on to my daily routine along with emissary chests. Don’t know how this leaves me with a lot of time for other activities, and I do wonder how long it’ll be before this feels stale and too repetitive.

For now, I’m digging it. Neat bosses, the whole system seems to work, and I didn’t have to read up on it to figure out what to do. That’s a good sign of intuitive design.

And the rewards? I’ve got nethershards up the wazoo (and I’m not perfectly clear what to do with these yet) and have had a couple of nice gear upgrades. One chest spat out an ilevel 900 helmet with a wicked new look, so that made my day entirely.

I figure that prices for many gathering mats are going to start dropping severely on the auction house soon with flying, so I’m focusing more on disenchanting gear for those mats instead as a money maker. I make sure to scan through all of the world quests every day to see if there are any nice purple gear quest rewards and make those a priority. So far it’s going well, although I don’t think I’m able to make 100k gold every month for a new token at this rate. Might have to face an actual subscription charge later this summer unless I find a different easy money making route.

One thought on “World of Warcraft: Invasion buster!

  1. Isey April 6, 2017 / 12:54 pm

    I stopped playing whenI ran out of content and quickly become more interested in other games – so much so that I haven’t bothered to resub for 7.2 (yet). Is it just me, or are they now doing gear resets every patch? Seems like there isn’t a benefit for being an early adopter, just join at a later patch and skip the lower 800s gear grind =)

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