Back into books!

I haven’t done a books post (aka “What is Syp reading?”) for a while, mostly because my reading had become stagnant over the past half-year. I blame tablets, really. When I settle down for my last hour of the day in bed, my tablet offers too many tempting diversions: TV shows, email, twitter, and games. That all cut into my main reading time, and thus, my progress through novels slowed to a crawl while my “To Read” list grew and grew thanks to new releases and all of the sales and freebies through Bookbub.

I also didn’t feel like I was missing out on reading because I have been doing more audiobooks, mostly in short gaps of time (driving, cooking, doing menial tasks). But the problem there is that the cost of audiobooks means that I only grab my favorite (and well-read) series instead of new titles. So I’ve been going through the Kingkiller Chronicles, the Dark Tower series, and now all of the Harry Potter novels. Good stuff, but not new territory for me by far.

Gradually, I’ve come to realizing that I truly do miss straight-up reading and have made an effort to work it back into my routine. The key for this, I’ve found, is to pull out my Kindle at bedtime instead of a tablet. Only one thing you can do on a Kindle, after all, and it’s so much easier on the eyes for me to do reading with it compared to my phone or a tablet screen. I’ve even been reading more while exercise biking, although that’s still a little tough because reading is not as distracting from the labor of exercise as playing a game.

I’m happy to report that I’m picking up speed and starting to plow through books, now that my To Read list is at an intimidating 100 (and that’s not even including any sequels if I happen to like a particular book in a series). I stalled out on Patrick Weeks’ Rogues of the Republic series — the first book was great but the second was weirdly a chore, and I found myself very unmotivated to pick through the third.

Instead, I turned to the Invisible Library, an interesting fantasy tale of a woman who hops alternate Earths to track down rare copies of books for a central Library. Even though it was a little simple, I liked it well enough (but not quite enough to order the second book of that series).

Now I’m onto an impulse 99-cent purchase, Senlin Ascends and finding it totally engrossing. It’s about this somewhat standoffish teacher who visits the giant Tower of Babel on his honeymoon, only to lose his wife right away and force him to go on a quest to find her. It’s a bizarre vertical city full of “ringdoms,” and just 70 pages into it, I’ve already bought the sequel because it’s that good.

I’ve taken to toting my Kindle around again, too. Little bits of time, like waiting in the car for my kids to get out of school, can be better served by some reading rather than restless twitter reloading. I just kick myself that I had a whole week of vacation and did precious little reading during most of it.


2 thoughts on “Back into books!

  1. romeomoon April 10, 2017 / 10:21 am

    I’ve been trying to get through three books, myself: Why Nations Fail (a nonfiction), The War of the Ancients trilogy set for Warcraft, and Dancing with Dragons. I also wound up impulse buying a set of five Warcraft novels (which came with a duplicate of the Vol’jin story instead of the Arthas novel…Arg!!) as well as three Guild Wars novels and the Arthas novel. Don’t know when I’m going to have time to read all of these, especially since I just installed a manga reader on my phone and am currently reading through D.Grey-man.

  2. Katriana April 10, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    My To Be Read list is numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands of books currently. Way more than I will ever get to, especially since I tend to only have somewhere between 5-20 minutes per day to read during my lunch break at work. Assuming someone doesn’t come in and I have to be social or I don’t end up checking stuff on my phone instead. I had been doing better at getting through the list with audio books, but a certain few podcasts have displaced those for listening while I work lately 😉 I’m sure once I’ve caught up with them I’ll get back to the audiobooks. As slow as I read it takes me awhile to get through books even with a decent amount of time to read, so audio helps me get through long ones in particular way faster than I would normally.

    Good luck with your quest to read more 🙂

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