SWTOR: A girl and her gun

Probably the most gaming action that I got this past weekend was diving headfirst back into Star Wars: The Old Republic with a brand-new character: Thursday the Smuggler. Yes, sure, I already have a high-level Smuggler, but I love the class so much and wanted to start over to get the feel for the story and the character all over again.

Plus, SWTOR was holding the Mother of All XP Bonus Weeks, with something insane like a 250% XP boost going on. When you’re free-to-play, that’s like going from hobbling on one leg to sprinting on four. My plan was to try to grab as many levels as possible so that when the XP boost shut off, I’d be sitting pretty for the remainder of the leveling experience without having to resort to too many side quests.

Nothing too fancy this time around, just a dual-pistol Gunslinger who’s probably going to go the Saboteur route to see if flinging bombs might be the most fun way to go. I didn’t really take a shine to cover mechanics, so I elected to use run-and-gun skills for the most part. Made getting through the zones seem a lot faster, especially at the start.

So I picked this newish style of hair, which ended up amusing me because it’s slightly physics bound and sometimes ends up whipping over my head in weird ways during cutscenes or after jumping.

Oh hey, Corso’s still here! Go jump in a rancor pit, Corso! Everyone still hates you!

This all might be a foolish diversion, but I was surprised how quickly I got back into playing and really grooving on all of it. One of these days I definitely would like to get through the two Knights expansions, although if I keep restarting I don’t see that happening. Logically, I should go back to my Agent, since she’s been the backbone of my journey since the start. But right now, a-smugglin’ I shall go.

I’m also totally playing her as nice as possible, which ends up delivering a lot of genuinely funny lines. I would have assumed that all of the good stuff was just sarcastic/mean choices, but no, it turns out that pretty much anything you pick for the Smuggler is going to be treated flippantly and with some charm.

As an aside, pretty much every time I go back to a game, I have this wish that I could rewind time and start playing from the very beginning and never leave. That whole “having left and now I’m coming back” bit fertilizes regret and a sense of playing catch-up instead of enjoying the content as it was gradually delivered. I guess that’s why I’m also all for the idea of progression servers (I have no idea if SWTOR ever considered this, but it would be interesting).


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