Guild Wars 2: The sublime smugness of Trahearne

Is there a more smug face in all of existence than this one right here? You want to punch it so bad, even when he’s not saying anything.

When it comes to the vanilla personal story in Guild Wars 2, I find it best to grit one’s teeth, click “skip to end” any time it’s offered, and just get through it as quickly as possible. It wasn’t the most engrossing content when the game originally launched and hasn’t aged well, especially with those portrait dialogue screens. But for the sake of completion, I want to get it done.

I’m somewhere in the level 70 stretch, so I’m getting there, but it’s been a harder go than anticipated. The big problem is that there’s some issue with the game where it likes to randomly disconnect me while I’m in these instances, usually right at the end. It doesn’t do this in the open world, I’m not having internet connection issues, it’s something specific about the instances.

And you know how Guild Wars instances go — they’re not quick. There’s a lot of scripting and you could be in one for 20, 30 minutes at a time. Having one abruptly dump me out mere minutes from the end, only to find that I have to start all over again, is immensely frustrating. This has happened numerous times (again, ALWAYS in instances), and usually I’ll have to step away from the game for the night afterward because I don’t have it in me to run it a second time.

So I’ve gotten very paranoid about the instances crapping out on me, which means that I’ve been speeding through them and clicking past all dialogue as fast as possible in the hopes of hitting that finish line before the game notices that I’m there and tries to ruin my day.

Plus, it really didn’t help that in one instance, Trahearne simply stopped contributing altogether. He didn’t fight — I took this picture above to show how I’m fending off mighty undead while he’s thinking of his grocery shopping list for the week (probably all produce). Then, at some point, he wandered/glitched away entirely and I couldn’t finish the instance because he was supposed to trigger a script.

Nevertheless, I’m making progress and should be done with this stretch. I’m finding that making money is a relaxing side activity in Guild Wars 2, so it’s kind of enjoyable to be harvesting everything, breaking down everything, and then wrapping up a session by heading back to the trading post to see what kind of profit I can turn. I don’t have anything specific in mind to use this money on, but I find that in MMOs, it’s always better to have a fat wallet than a skinny one for when you need it.

I’ll also give Guild Wars 2 this: It’s absolutely the best MMO for jumping into really, really quickly and farting around for a few minutes. I can always just wander maps, explore a bit, kill a little, and log out, and even a spare five minutes seems better put to use in this game than others.


2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: The sublime smugness of Trahearne

  1. Sylow May 12, 2017 / 10:50 am

    If you go through the missions, one big thing: don’t go for the last mission alone. That one was designed to be done in group, and while it has been nerfed a bit, doing it alone still can be a drag.

    It’s much more enjoyable if you have somebody cover your back during its middle part. In case you don’t have people available, feel free to contact me. [You have my e-mail address, it’s there when i comment. 🙂 ] Recently i spend way more time in ESO than in GW2, but i still visit GW2 every other day, so i guess i can handle… although probably only on weekends, due to our different timezones.

  2. Galactrix May 13, 2017 / 8:54 am

    I don’t get people’s dislike of Trahearne at all. I liked the character just fine, along with the personal story on all five of my GW2 characters.

    Maybe it’s because I played my characters in parallel rotating between them on each step of the story so they were all at the same level and on the same step, but getting totally different missions because I made sure they all chose completely different choices. So it all seemed fresh and appropriately in character.

    I first experienced Trahearne on my Sylvari wyld hunt valiant, so to her, Trahearne was a venerated first-born member of the family and that kinda stuck for me.

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