LOTRO: Legends of the fall

More screenshots of my LOTRO journeys today, hope you don’t mind! Let’s start out with a picture of Bilbo’s trolls. Out of all of the scenes in LOTRO that haven’t changed over 10 years, this one kind of makes the most sense. Although maybe we could’ve had some moss growth?

My vote for most beautiful location in the game? Easily has to be Dunhollow. It’s like the most ideal camping spot in Middle-earth, with flowers, pine trees, and majestic mountains all around.

I was particularly proud of this picture of the Last Homely House. Just a good angle, good lighting, lots of foliage in the shot. Naturally, I’d be OK with someone bombing this whole elf village into dust, but there’s no harm in taking a “before” shot, right?

Taking a quiet moment for myself out on the porch. Seriously, this game is still so very beautiful.

The scavenger hunt quests can really try my patience, especially as they send me to places I either have never been to before, haven’t been to in a long time, or don’t remember how to get to. The in-game map isn’t always helpful.

After a long time trekking through the Entwood, I finally rediscovered Treebeard’s cave. I like the subtle glowing of the tree leaves above.

The Hall of Fire. Probably the best MMO fireplace I’ve ever seen, and it amuses me how many trees suffer and die at the hands of elves to make it roar.

Just kind of liked this shot. I always have a thing for pictures where the top of a hill seems to kiss the sky.

Willem Whisker, as corny as that name is, has to be one of the best additions to the game’s large cast of characters. As a Lore-master, I can understand why someone would want a loyal pet.


One thought on “LOTRO: Legends of the fall

  1. Gamera977 May 18, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Doubt I’ll ever play this one but that’s some stunning scenery. Thanks for sharing with us!

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