LOTRO: 10 weeks, 10 years

I thought it was fitting that the final week of LOTRO’s anniversary scavenger hunt quests started out for me on a hillside above the Party Tree, watching fireworks erupt up to about eye level. Small thing, but it was cool to me and I enjoyed watching for a few minutes.

So! 10 weeks of doing the new anniversary scavenger hunt cards, and we’re finally at Year 10. There was a pub crawl — Gondor, this time — but I went with Bilbo’s scavenger hunt instead. It seemed more thematically appropriate, plus most of it was bunched up conveniently in Eriador.

I applaud the devs for wrangling enough targets for the Bilbo, considering how little he is actually in the game and trilogy. It all started with an envelope on the mantle at Bag End that once held the One Ring, and I couldn’t help but get a chill at the floating text description when I clicked on it.

Of course we were going to have to head back to Gollum’s cave (didn’t we do this one already on a different week?). I keep forgetting just how dang far this cave is in Goblin Town, but I shouldn’t complain seeing as how all of the mobs are too afraid of me to attack. Plus, I always enjoy checking out the wall art when I visit. My four-year-old saw the painting of Gollum up there and shuddered: “UGH! I don’t like him!”

Probably of greatest interest to me, personally, was that the hunt sent me into the Dale instance, which I think I had only ever visited once, during a press tour a long time ago. I wasn’t aware you could just scale this dungeon down to level 20, but that made it a nice cakewalk while I went around gathering up rememberances.

If nothing else, the scavenger hunts have reminded me that I really do need to dive into more dungeons, even if I’m in carebear “tourist” mode to see the sights instead of taking the real challenge on headfirst.

With the final week done, I received a flood of rewards. There were a couple of neat housing items (I really do like the cloak rack), but then apparently just doing one of the cards each week was enough to trigger a final batch of rewards that included a deer pet, a mount, and a full set of silver dragon armor. Hey, I’m not complaining! I am glad I didn’t kill myself trying to do each and every card, however.

Following all of that, there was one last surprise — a bonus mission of sorts that was uncovered by the community by piecing together the “scraps of paper” we’d been awarded over the weeks to figure out map coordinates. This led to a rarely visited lake in Bree-land where the new Standing Stone Games logo was made manifest. Well, most of it. I got a laugh out of the fact that the devs had said in an interview that they put floating stones around their main pillar to keep it from looking too phallic, but of course you can’t just have floating stones in this game. Doesn’t fit the world. So phallic pillar it is.

There was a brief quest to do a chain of five emotes, after which I got my own phallic pillar for my house. Now my bags are bursting and I need to go do some decorating before turning my attention back to Bingo Boffin!


One thought on “LOTRO: 10 weeks, 10 years

  1. Redbeard June 23, 2017 / 11:16 pm

    You know, the anniversary event’s ending crept up on me while I was grinding deeds. And watching the craziness that is world chat.

    Oh well.

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