ESO: Real estate in Morrowind

Nothing like standing in front of a lava field with your dumb dog thinking about drinking from it. If you were to correctly interpret the look on my character’s face, it would be “I have no idea what I am doing, but I’m going to strike a pose and make others doubt my ineptitude.” Also, “Hey dog, you’re going to be pooping fire tonight if you keep that up.”

I’ll give Elder Scrolls Online this: It’s slick, it’s polished, and it feels wide open in a way that I think the devs wanted to mimic from the solo games. I have a few quests in my log, but I’m largely free to go where I want and die how I want. So when I logged in the other night, my goal was “get a house.” I’d been starving for housing in many of the other MMOs I’d played this past month — WoW, GW2, SWL in particular — and I have heard really nice things about what ESO has done in this regard.

And unlike some other games that make you wait until you’re level 50 and have jumped through many-a-hoop (FFXIV, I’m calling out names), you practically get a free house right out of the gate in Morrowind. To be fair, there is a short quest chain beforehand, but the most difficult part of that is a 10-minute road trip (via jogging; I have no mount as of yet). After doing an errand, I got a deed to my own apartment in Vivic City — and a quick port to it to boot.

Here it is: Syp’s grand castle. OK, it’s a small room with no windows, but you know what? It’s free and it’s large enough for now. I thought it was kind of funny that one part of the housing quest asked you to buy (or make) at least one housing item. I didn’t have a lot of money, so that little stool over there represents about 1/3rd of my current wealth in the game. I’m worth three stools. The only other decoration I have is a spare pet that I planted in the corner and told to watch over my stool. HANDS OFF MY STOOL U NOOB.

Maybe it’s strange and a little pathetic, but I feel more “established” now that I have a home of sorts on this island. Time to head off and pay lip service to needy red-eyed Elves.

2 thoughts on “ESO: Real estate in Morrowind

  1. Welcome to ESO.

    As i just commented on your last posting, i think that ESO has come a long way. It had deeply rooted problems (design decissions which were perfectly fine for a singleplayer game but broke the multiplayer aspect) at launch. When you look at the current state, it’s obvious that the developers looked at feedback they got (not only from active players but also those who left) and consequently fixed and improved things.

    So i find that ESO by now is greatly improved from how it launched and is a very enjoyable experience. As it uses reticule combat, it might not be everybodys choice. It still falls short of DCU, but competes well with most other reticule combat systems i experienced and leaves some in the dust.

    So i am looking forward to read your impression, as the consequent and constant improvements done turned the game into a fun experience and unlike the launch version, now feel like i can advise people to give it a try. (Also, good enough now to justify that my girl and me have ESO+ active. This one i advise to get. The game is good without it, but inventory management can turn into a chore. The subscription takes good care of that. )

  2. If you intend to play in the long term I can highly recommend subscribing. The crafting bag (which should be available as standard but limited space for non subscribers) is a essential. I now play the game rather than spending a significant portion of my time in inventory management.

    As someone who was at launch. Left then came back. I’m really enjoying the experience. I don’t have the need for the 4 alt mules that used to carry all my crafting materials.

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