Secret World: Hell is other zombies

Smile! This is how all of the pros take camera pictures, just hold it like you’re doing a superhero pose.

Now that I’ve put a good week and a full zone behind me in Secret World Legends, I’m starting to feel as though I have a much better grip on what this revamped game is and how to approach it. My initial discomfort and concern over the UI and combat system has simmered down with familiarity, and I can honestly say that I’m having a great time in the game. So much so that I genuinely want to log into it every night.

It is freeing to just play the game and not have to blog every single mission, which is what I was doing with my last character. Plus, the faster pace of combat really has taken one of the more irksome design flaws of the original game and made the world more enjoyable to traverse and explore. When you’re not constantly worrying about getting into encounters — not because you’ll die, but because it means 30-45 seconds of tedious fighting — then it has a refreshing effect on the game as a whole.

I’m not utterly in love with all of the combat skills, which I don’t see as that much more interesting than what we had before, but at least I have a workable build (I’ve settled on shotgun/hammer, which was the favorite of Ye Olde Yeti).

Mr. Freezie! You are the real hero of this game. As a weird aside, Secret World has a moon problem. Something is really wrong with the moon in its skybox — it’s more oval than circle and semi-transparent, so stars shine through it. What’s up with that?

Anyway, enough systems have changed, like currency and gear, that it’s taken a few days to get used to how things work now. Finishing off daily challenges is important to earning marks of favor, which can then be spent on sprint upgrades, cosmetics, inventory space, and other essentials. So glad to get Sprint 2, Sprint 1 was like a semi-quick toddler crawling.

There’s been a lot of concern and consternation over what was changed in missions, mob placements, and whatnot. I’m only in the first part of Savage Coast, so I can’t say for sure, but what I think Funcom did was really rework Kingsmouth to be a lot more newbie friendly and then give lesser tweaks to other zones. It’s not insultingly easy (I still died a few times, especially when I wasn’t being too careful), but I can kind of understand why some of these changes were made. Investigation missions are largely untouched, other than new rewards, so a guide and/or brain is still needed.

I’ve been setting a pretty fast pace, at least for me (I keep seeing people boasting about hitting level 50 and getting into Transylvania, which is a long way off right now). It helps that I know these quests very well and don’t have to slog through combat. If I can get a zone done every week, then that’s seven more weeks until I’m through the end of Transylvania. End of summer? Tokyo should be up by then, I would think.

The reboot isn’t perfect and I do see a lot of saltiness around the business model. That’s a little more difficult for me to ascertain, since I’m grandmaster and don’t have to suffer with the F2P restrictions. I was really glad to hear that Funcom’s been listening and evaluating feedback from the launch crowd. It only has a few weeks to really shape things up before the Steam launch, and that’s the last big “first” chance this game is going to get. So I’m sure the devs are under a lot more pressure than otherwise to get the business model right.

Here’s my personal top five wish list for the game as it stands:

  1. The promised roadmap of what’s going to be happening, especially post-Tokyo.
  2. A monthly stipend of Aurum for subscribers/lifetimers. Kind of silly they don’t have this already, guess they assumed we’d be trading in currency at the exchange for it.
  3. The ability to save multiple outfits so that we can just switch between ones on the fly.
  4. A closer look at some of the weapon gimmicks that are more annoying than useful (AR grenades anyone?).
  5. Real housing. Yeah, this is a pipe dream, but still. New game, new feature?

2 thoughts on “Secret World: Hell is other zombies

  1. Bhagpuss July 5, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    I was at the amusement park in SC when Fallen Gate interrupted my run. I can’t say I saw even a sliver of difference between the difficulty by then and what it was like in Kingsmouth. Faceroll easy. Mobs that gave me huge issues the first time round (Ak-ab in particular but also the scarecrows) just melted in seconds – and bear in mind I don’t even try to play properly, I just mash L/R mouse.

    I like easy so it’s not an issue for me but I can see why it is for some. I’ll try to get back there this weekend and get a little further.

  2. tithian July 6, 2017 / 2:45 am

    About #3 : they said they are working on bringing the gear manager back. I’m hoping this will include clothing sets, besides gear+skills.

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