Secret World Legends: Racing through Egypt

I blame the issue on complacency.

You see, ever since Secret World Legends’ launch, I’ve had a goal to wrap up a zone — it’s main storyline and all other missions — at a rate of one per week. So far I’ve been doing well, knocking off Solomon Island over the course three weeks. I even finished up Blue Mountain two days earlier than the deadline, planting the seed of that complacency. I was the hare, beating the tortoise by a landslide, and so I got lazy and distracted.

Leveling up that new World of Warcraft Shaman was part of it, but the other was that I simply didn’t keep my eye on the clock. I was really laid-back the first few days, until around Thursday I realized that unless I got the lead out, there was no way I was going to get Scorched Desert done. Thus, I buckled down on Friday and Saturday and powered through a few dozen missions, a whirlwind of death and purpose with a shotgun. Just two hours before midnight on Saturday, I opened the door to the City of the Sun God and bolted through.

Now the timer has reset. Another week, another zone. It’s gotten a little bit more difficult to push myself through these areas as I’m getting closer to the content that I recently did. Solomon Island seemed like so long ago, and felt fresher because of it. But I just bloody did Egypt a few months ago, and it wasn’t my favorite even then. City of the Sun God is a nasty barrier to my fun, and I’m going to approach it at a full sprint with the hopes of getting through it before I lose momentum.

It still gives me chills to see a flash of Emma in this cutscene.

Going back to Scorched Earth, it was a pretty good ride all things considered. The new mission order with the overarching storyline is a little strange, but it worked out in the end. By my memory, there are a few missions that Funcom removed entirely, like the two that you get from eavesdropping on the local bad guy and one that had to do with earthquake readings from the Oxford people. Even so, there are so, so many quests in this zone. Fortunately none of them were that lengthy or problematic, save one.

The Roman time travel one posed a bit of an issue. Not from the stealthy part — I’ve done this mission so many times that I have the safe route memorized — but from a glitch that wouldn’t let me craft an item that I needed to finish the mission. A guildie helped me out by pointing me to a workaround (basically, log out and back in to redo the mission), which fortunately worked.

I’m missing my auxiliary weapons. There’s that one Egypt mission where you originally got the whip, but now it’s all walled off and it left me feeling a little sad.

Speaking of weapons, I’ve been experimenting around with some others, but I keep coming back to shotgun/hammer as my dependable staples. I have everything I need in this build, from cleansing to firepower to protection to healing, so this is probably what I’m going to be at for the rest of the game.

Not for four more weeks, John. I still have a mountain of zones ahead of me. Be patient.

One thought on “Secret World Legends: Racing through Egypt

  1. Tip: have you been keeping an eye out on your Expertise levels? If you want to use more than 2 weapons at endgame, and your Hammer/Shotty are nearing Expertise 45ish, it may be a good idea to equip other weapons for the mission turn-ins.

    When I got to Transylvania I ‘gimped’ myself by switching to a second set of weapons, simply because my AR/Blood Expertise was almost 50 and I knew I wanted to eventually give Ele/SG a go in the future. It’s definitely more challenging since I was dropping all upgrades for my other set, but after hardly 1.5 zones I’m already at level 20, so it kinda pays off.

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