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Playing tourist in World of Warcraft’s Dalaran

As I’ve been leveling up my Shaman through dungeons alone (at least for now), I’ve had a small chunk of free time between dungeon runs to keep myself amused. Some of that time’s been taken up with repairs and auctioning, but otherwise I’ve taken to exploring around. I asked a guildie to port me over to the Broken Isles Dalaran, as I much preferred that as a home base than Org. And while I was there, why not explore every crevasse and take many, many screenshots?

So here are a few of the pictures I’ve taken from around Dalaran that have amused me. For such a small town, there are so many nooks and crannies, and the attention to detail is pretty astounding.

For starters, the above room with the blue stained glass windows. I’d love to be reading books in a room like that.

The aquarium in the pet shop made me, once again, really wish for housing in this game. This sort of thing should be in my own living room. Also, is that a real Gnome scuba diving? I think it is!

While there’s the option to make one’s home at the factional inns, I liked the one right in the middle of the town instead. It had much more of a coffeeshop atmosphere, complete with chalkboard, espresso machine, and various characters lazing about.

This guy amused me, wearing 400 pounds of plate armor and sipping some coffee while eating snacks. You can change into something more comfortable if you’re just enjoying brunch, you know.

The toy shop really charms me. It’s got this childlike, old school feel to it, like something you’d see in the 1950s. Does Azeroth have a space program? Other than the space goats, that is.

The art gallery is probably my favorite locale. It doesn’t have a “purpose” per se, but I really dig these little bits of art, including some cubist Tauren thing. Again, why can’t I have a home of my own to hang stuff like this up in it? Reminds me so much of WildStar.

Some of the art looked at much more closely. It’s obvious that some designer had the presence of mind to pull together all of the little paintings that were created for various places in the game and hang them up in one room.

It’s worth slipping between buildings and exploring around the base of the wall. You find oddities like this weird little… shrine, I guess? It defies easy explanation. There’s this passed out critter here lying in a puddle of its own leavings (complete with flies), surrounded by alchemy stuff, a bong, a birthday cake, donuts, and a picture of some guy. Your guess is as good as mine.

A Goblin calendar in the barber shop. Weirdly, it’s the numbers and symbols here that fascinate me the most. Some look like actual numbers, some not. And what’s so important to have circled on that Sunday?

I liked the look of this undead guy in his apothecary with his beamused human assistant standing nearby. I’d like to read a book about their adventures and capers together, I think.

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