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Getting my virtues before LOTRO: Mordor launches

With LOTRO: Mordor (probably, maybe, possibly) launching today, I wanted to make sure that my Lore-master was fully ready for this lava-strewn expedition. And the only thing I really had left to do — other than perhaps whip up another amazing outfit — was to round out my virtues.

I know some people have told me that virtues aren’t worth doing, they don’t make as much a difference these days, but whether or not that’s true, it’s been bugging me that my LM didn’t have as many as my old Captain did. And beside, I ascribe to the notion that every little bit helps in some way.

I didn’t have that far to go, perhaps about 17 virtue deeds (out of 120 when Mordor launches), so I figured a few focused sessions would get it done. I drew up a list, cross-compared with what I did already, and figured out the easiest ones to do. “Path of least resistance” is my middle name.

It actually ended up being a little enjoyable, as it was yet another excuse to scoot across the world and experience it in a slightly different way. Sure, most of that experience came in the form of burning things to death before letting my lynx chew on the charred remains, but there were a few quest chains and exploration deeds to do too.

The dead garden of the Ents is always sobering to return to. Bet it would’ve been really pretty before everything turned all browny brown.

With a stack of slayer deed books and plenty of levels on my side, I was able to chew through packs of mobs quickly. Sometimes you just want to zone out while playing an MMO, grind while listening or watching something fun and enjoy the feeling of making progress or getting a task out of the way.

So how am I feeling about Mordor? Excited, perhaps not as much as I’m seeing from some quarters that live and breathe Middle-earth more than I do, but I am looking forward to it. An expansion is a huge amount of content, and five zones should keep me busy for months. I hope that the dreary landscape doesn’t get to me too much, but from the previews I know that there’s at least a lot of variety. Plus, I can always take breaks and mess around with a lowbie alt maybe.

If it does come out today, I’m not going to hold high hopes of actually getting to play it. When the Wastes opened up a few months ago, it was nearly unplayable for the first couple of days thanks to everyone crowding into one area and trying to do the same quests. Mordor literally has a chokepoint at the start, so I’m going to be flexible.

Still… I’ve gone from Shire to Mordor in 10 years! It’s quite a big step on our collective journey through LOTRO and a moment that I feel we’ll remember for quite some time.

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