Syp’s gaming goals for August

July in review

  • I settled down… somewhat… in my summer MMO wanderlust, but didn’t stick to my goal of giving Elder Scrolls Online more of a try.
  • However, I totally outpaced my own expectations in Secret World Legends. I was hoping to have Solomon Island done, but I blew past that and finished up Egypt as well with days to spare. Granted, I didn’t do anything other than the main story quest in City of the Sun God, but in my defense, it was City of the Sun God. I’ve been there and done that.
  • I also had a great month in Lord of the Rings Online. I finished up the Bingo Boffin series, much to my delight, and rounded out my Lore-master’s virtues to 19 across the board in preparation for Mordor. Oh, and I preordered Mordor.
  • No retro gaming this month. Simply didn’t have time with my schedule being more chaotic than usual.
  • I did get suckered back into World of Warcraft to hang out with old guildies, but I still haven’t determined if I’m going to stay or which character I should stick with.
  • Mobile gaming-wise, I’ve been playing Crazy Kings, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, and Dungeon Warfare.

August goals

  • I want to keep my Try It Tuesdays series kicking, even if just to try out a new game once a week. I’ve actually started to ramp up my internal interest on it, so good on me.
  • In Secret World Legends, I would love to get through all of Transylvania over the next four weeks. It’s a lot of content, but I think it’s pretty doable. After that? Gear up in dungeons and wait for Tokyo, I guess.
  • Obviously, the Mordor expansion will be at the top of my LOTRO priority list. I’m not in a rush to get through it or anything. I just hope that it will be entertaining and satisfying.
  • I guess I’ll keep trying to figure out what I want from World of Warcraft or whatever other game will replace it as a third slot. I’ve been eyeing RIFT, following its big patch and all, SWTOR might be a solid summer option for a sci-fi shift, and there’s always the possibility of Guild Wars 2 if the news of the expansion is sufficiently compelling.
  • I might be looking at expanding my Retro Gaming series to include brief, one-day looks at console games. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for August

  1. DDOCentral August 1, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    “I might be looking at expanding my Retro Gaming series to include brief, one-day looks at console games. What do you think?” Do it.

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