6 worst quests in Secret World Legends

As you well know, I adore The Secret World in any of its incarnations and the inventive, narrative-driven quests that it offers. But with all of the effort applied to making increasingly intricate missions with elements that we haven’t experienced before, sometimes the team went a little overboard in making a quest too hard, too frustrating, or too obtuse.

Today, let’s go through my personal list of the six worst quests I’ve experienced in the game to date!

1. Hell and Bach

This one hits players early as a Savage Coast quest at the Overlook Hotel, and it is supremely annoying. You have to interact with no less than four different diagrams across the game world, inputting a specific sequence of symbols for each to progress. Get one wrong, and you start over. And there’s some trial-and-error with these, so that is the pits too.

It just takes a long while and every time I’ve done it, I’ve sworn that this was the last that I was going to bother with it. No more, no thank you.

2. The Castle

I’ve not been shy about voicing my displeasure over the sabotage missions in this game. You can’t brute-force your way through them; you have to stealth and sneak and then enjoy getting caught and starting all over again. The Castle is a lengthy and challenging mission in this regard, although I’m sure repeating it a few dozen times would trivialize it somewhat. I loathed it and am not looking forward to doing it again in the near future. Exploring a vampire castle should be WAY more fun than this.

3. The Bank Heist

Another horrible, stupid sabotage mission that involves moonwalking over pressure plates and figuring out ways past robotic sentries and extremely limited time windows. Do it right, it can be a breeze, but I spent two of the worst hours I’ve ever had in this game banging my head against this mission. It’s incredibly unforgivable.

4. In The Dusty Dark

Sometimes a Secret World mission can be long. Very long. Like, “sit down and read a 500-page novel” long. In The Dusty Dark is one of these, a marathon trek through the interior of a pyramid. While some of the rooms are neat, all require puzzle solving, and the other rooms can take shy of forever to finish. And the big finale is a journey through a labyrinth infested with unkillable monsters and various traps. Words cannot express how much I loathe this mission. I skipped it in SWL, because I’m a grown-up and I can.

5. The Cost of Magic

Yeah, everyone’s favorite mission, right? Well, everyone’s favorite mission to gripe about. It’s like a badge of honor to have finished this quest and then get to whine about it to the internet at large, so consider this mine. For starters, it has multiple stages, each one with its own frustrating mechanic. There are knock-offs from high platforms, disappearing jumping platforms, a deadly toxic swamp, traps to be avoided, and so on. It’s like a perfect storm of terrible quest design that exists to give us all PTSD.

6. Wetware

There are a few challenging Tokyo quests, but this relatively new one is a real bear. It’s probably the longest investigation mission in the game (feel free to correct me on that) with lots of stealth, puzzle-solving, hunt-and-click fun, and robotic controls. The story behind it is great, as are some of the creepier parts, but it’s just way too long and at times too tricky for its own good to be enjoyable.


6 thoughts on “6 worst quests in Secret World Legends

  1. pkudude99 August 8, 2017 / 11:21 am

    I disagree on The Castle and Bank Heist. Sure, they were annoying the 1st time, but once I got the paths figured out they both became very easy. Castle was actually my primary XP-farm mission when I was filling out my wheel. Takes 7 minutes, end to end for 1.2 million XP. Yes please!

    Bank heist I did the same and beat my head against the wall for a couple of hours. Finally watched a guide and found I was “right there” on completing it, just needed 1 slightly out of the box thought that I hadn’t had. Once I saw that, completed no problem the next time. And then ran a friend through it. It’s actually easier with more people since you can stun more guards, actually….

  2. Rowan August 8, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    Does it help that I barely remember any of these? I recognize Hell and Bach, and I remember doing the Castle, and hearing that it’s an excellent XP farm.

  3. Markel August 8, 2017 / 4:23 pm

    A tip for the Bank Heist: use /cartwheel over the pressure plates. No need to turn around, and it’s so much faster than /moonwalk. Before the animation finishes completely, /cartwheel again, or you will get caught. Macro it to a mouse or keyboard button if you can, or use chat+up arrow.

  4. Athie August 8, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    Of all of these, the most annoying to me had to be the disappearing platform jumping in the Cost of Magic. You had to repeat a fast sequence of forward-jump over and over on a very short timer with network lag. Best quest ever?

  5. Galactrix August 9, 2017 / 5:39 am

    Can you really include Bank Heist and Wetware when Tokyo isn’t in SWL yet? I haven’t reached the zones beyond Scorched Desert yet, but I’m hearing from cabal mates that Cost of Magic’s sneaking portions have been made easier by the removal of several vampires and the devs put more platforms on the poison lake to jump to.

    Similarly, I’ve heard that a The Castle is massively nerfed, with vampires removed to ease the sneaking through, and even the path is more linear, with sections of the castle blocked off now completely, including trapping a lore in a now inaccessible room!

    I agree the Hell and Bach is frustrating having to trial and error through three summoning circles, but I found at least with the new reticle targeting I could point at the symbols more accurately 😜

  6. Sylow August 9, 2017 / 7:10 am

    Unlike Syp i found all of these missions to be quite fine in old TSW. I mean yes, Wetware is a bit long, but it brought new info into the game and really wanted me to get more of the story. Alas, thanks to SWL i will at some time read up the rest of the story on one or another info site. (Sorry, not even the new content, which was promised over a year ago, then secretly canceled due to a secret complete rework of the game, will make me play the new trainwreck of a game. )

    On the Dusky Dark, sure it takes a while to figure out the puzzles, but once you have them down, the mission isn’t that long. (Not that i did it too often, i just repeated it twice to get all the achievements in there done. )

    The rest of the mentioned missions were not -that- bad in old TSW. Sure the cost of magic required a bit of movement training the first few times, but once you got that sorted it was possible to complete it quickly and with limited effort. It was one of my biggest AP sources when i just wanted to learn something new. The same is true for the Castle. Sure you had to understand line of sight and use it to your advantage, but once you learned the patrol paths and how to hide, it was possible to do it quickly and in short time.

    Of course, both missions were designed for old TSW, with its engine and capabilities in mind. In the new abomination you can’t move the camera as independent of your character any more as before and movement also due to the new control pattern is a bit less accurate. So yes, due to this weak rework, the mentioned missions became harder.

    @Galactrix: symbols easier to use with the new targeting system? Are you trying to kid me? In the old system you were able to directly click on the symbols. You had the accuracy of a regular mouse pointer. In the new system, you have to work with the new crosshair accuracy, which is built for the combat system: anything at or near the pointer can be activated by it. This lower accuracy is needed for how combat works, but it means that you have an “activation area” which extends like a centimeter or two around the crosshair. (Don’t ask me how far exactly, i didn’t measure it, but it’s not pinpoint like a normal mouse pointer. )

    I experienced that the first time in the investigation mission under Kingsmouth, where you had to use the organ. In old TSW you click on the lever and you always activate the lever you click. In SWL i aimed at a lever and pressed the use button, just to see that apparently another lever was also within the activation area and the use routine detected that one first, so that one was activated. So i had to reposition several times to use the levers, where old TSW allowed me to just click them in order.

    One of many missions which were designed for the older game and worked perfectly well there, while not being properly supported by the new piece of junk. (Sure it would’ve been possible to also rework the missions a little, but considering how half-baked all the rest of the update is, it would be insane to expect that. )

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