LOTRO: The Ale Association is making me into a horrible role model

At this point I’m pretty well entrenched in my self-imposed “dailies” for Lord of the Rings Online, working toward capping out the Ale Association by the time that the summer and famer’s faire festivals end. I’ve probably got another two weeks of 30-40 min/day dailies ahead, which I feel is a fair trade-off for a really awesome goat mount that will serve this character well for the rest of the game. Plus, I’m getting some nice XP and will probably come out of this with some cosmetics and housing decor before all is said and done.

As with things of this nature, I’ve long since gotten down the most optimal pattern of running the seven daily quests and make a little game out of seeing how quickly I can do them. I also use the time spent where my character is automatically riding on steeds to tab out and get a few other things done.

Because I’ve been doing these so much this summer, my kids have seen me do them more than once. And since no kid on this planet is capable of silently watching you perform a task, I’ve been peppered with hundreds of questions, mostly pertaining to the morality of what my character is doing.

Now if you’ve never engaged in LOTRO’s Inn League and Ale Association quests, some brief explanation is needed. These are rival beer enthusiast groups that emerge around festival times, with the former being more Hobbit-centered and “nice” and the latter being a bit more underhanded and Dwarfish and “nasty.” Not evil, per se, but kind of like the enemy fraternity of any given college movie. But the thing is that only the Ale Association offers a goat mount as an ultimate reward; the Inn League has a horse, of which I own a dozen or so. I want goats. I’m all about the goats. Plus I think it’s kind of funny for my normally goody two-shoes character to get a little rude.

However: kids. Kids who don’t quite get the subtle spirit and distinction of this faction, and kids who keep pointing out how daddy is being a “meanie-head.”

“Dad, why did you just slap that guy and stick your tongue out at him?” He won’t do as I say, honey.

“Dad, what are you drinking? And why are you drinking so much?” It’s… bubbles, dear. And I’m really thirsty.


My kids are now forbidden from being in the same room as me when I’m gaming until September.


One thought on “LOTRO: The Ale Association is making me into a horrible role model

  1. baldwinp August 24, 2017 / 8:43 am

    This is why I don’t game until the kids are in bed. Also, they would never let me get anything done if I tried.
    Maybe try explaining that it is just pretend, like the actors in a movie or tv show that play a bad guy but are actually not that mean in real life.

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