LOTRO: Enter the Lonely Mountain

Now that I’ve hit level 110 on my Lore-master, I was invited to join in the new reputation Allegiance system that constitutes some of LOTRO’s new endgame activities. You get a choice of which of the four main races of Free Peoples you’d like to support — Dwarves, Man, Elves, or Hobbits — and naturally I went with Elves.

Yeahhhhh…. no, not really. Actually I couldn’t resist jumping at the Dwarf option, because that gets you sent to one of the most iconic locations in all of Middle-earth, Erebor (AKA the Lonely Mountain). Outside of an instance or two, we haven’t gotten to see much to the far east, and I really wanted to see what this Dwarf capital looked like.

Of course, it’s all interior; that exterior shot up there is only a loading screen. Alas.

The entrance hall to Erebor is appropriately impressive, a massive single chamber that is several football fields long and contains second stories here and there. I do wish that you could ride mounts (goats at least?) due to the sheer size going on, because running up and down is a time-consuming activity.

One neat touch: An indoor river and waterfall flowing to the one side of the hall.

After so many years of primarily questing in human regions, it’s really cool to visit Dwarves and their architecture once again. Erebor is kind of like a brand-new, not-wrecked-and-corrupted Moria. I’m sure they reused a lot of stuff from Moria, but it still looks pretty awesome.

Lots of massive statues, banners, and everything dwarfing (har har) players running around. I kept wondering how actual Dwarves could build this without thousands being killed in the construction process.

There were, of course, plenty of feasting areas. It was so much more homey than Moria, although it wasn’t untouched by war. At this point in the timeline, the Dwarves had been under siege by the Easterlings and had only managed to rally and counterattack when Sauron fell. This is why, I learned, that the Dwarves weren’t sending any armies or help down south to fight.

The weirdest thing in this hall was a morbidly obese Dwarf who kept asking to shovel more food in his mouth even though he couldn’t lower his arms (which I suspect might be a graphic bug). But seriously, fattest Dwarf ever.

The hall is also recovering from the loss of the previous ruler — King Dáin — who fell in the fighting. He was succeeded by his son, Thorin III Stonehelm, who some see as a coward who retreated in the battle. Even though it helped them win. But oh well.

A larger perspective of the throne area. Very grand and moustachy.

Even Dwarves know how to kick loose and have some fun! I don’t recall any Dwarves partying in Moria, so it was nice to see this small band entertaining the locals.

One thought on “LOTRO: Enter the Lonely Mountain

  1. So, you’ve basically gotten kindred (or greater) with 20+ factions across M-E, including several factions of men, elves and dwarves – and now they want you to pledge your allegiance? After everything you’ve done in this war thus far? Apparently the 10 years of work you’ve put in is not enough. So I’m thinking – no, I’ll not be pledging allegiance to anyone. If my record doesn’t stand for itself at this point, they can go into Mordor and clean it up themselves.

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