I got LOTRO’s goat

There’s a really weird feeling when you’ve been pursuing a goal for a while, being diligent about your progress… and then you finally reach it. It’s both elating and disquieting. An abrupt end to your quest but also an end to a routine. Time to shift gears!

So I finally maxed out reputation with LOTRO’s Ale Association, netting me one booze-fueled goat. I love him as much as I did when I had him on my Captain (his name is Tricksy, which is perfect), but that also means that I’m able to detach from the daily AA run and get back to straight-up questing and leveling.

In bits and pieces over the past few weeks, I wrapped up the Shire — all of its quests and even all of its deeds. I hadn’t planned the latter, but I was so close by the time I was done questing that I figured why not. Got me some extra rewards. Then I zipped over to Ered Luin to do a few virtue deeds, which took a couple of nights. Not going to clean up that zone (no reason to and it’s not my favorite), so I’m getting back on course by going to Bree.

I’m way overleveled for Bree-land right now. I hit 21 just doing Shire and AA dailies, haven’t died yet, and have a few nice outfits put together from what I’ve found or gotten from Hobbit presents. Bree-land is kind of a messy zone because you can enter it from different paths, so I have quests spread out all over the place. I’m going to focus on exploring and doing missions in Bree, then head back to Buckland for a chunk of quests (and Bingo Boffin stuffs) before diving into the Old Forest.

The Hunter class has grown on me. It’s very simple and straight-forward, but that’s not a bad thing when you’ve been handling more advanced classes for years. One-shotting bad guys from afar is a happy joy (and thank goodness LOTRO automatically picks up your loot), and Hunter mobility is second to none. Faster run speed, can attack while moving, and the promise of future maps all keep me rolling along.

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