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Syp’s 10 most wanted MMOs

Miss the days of feeling torn between all of the hype of major upcoming MMORPGs? Me too, kind of, but that doesn’t mean that I’m left wanting in the anticipation department, either. To round out this week, I want to draft up a list of 10 upcoming MMOs that I’m honestly excited about.

1. Project Gorgon

I’ve been slavering over this one for a couple of years now, at least, waiting for it to at least get to a point where it looks more persistent and full-featured. Rumor was that Steam early access and an official launch was supposed to happen this year, but I’m not holding my breath. Still can’t wait to get back to it after a few really immersive sessions in alpha.

2. Sea of Thieves

MMO-lite though it may be, I can’t wait for next year to get here already so that I can play this pirate sim. It looks gorgeous and word from testing is that it’s fun beyond belief, and that’s the sort of thing I could go for. Little worried about finding groups and teaming with people who will have a relaxed rather than tense attitude, but we’ll deal with that when it comes.

3. RuneScape and Villagers and Heroes on iPad

Both of these games have announced an iOS version for later this year, and both are easy candidates for late-night MMO gaming. The fact that both of these games will benefit from years of development and expansion and that I haven’t extensively played either make them ripe for plucking. The only question is, which one?

4. Dual Universe

Design a ship, sail the cosmos, do all sorts of sandboxy things. Have no idea how this will end up, but it seems more relaxed than the whole Star Citizen scene, which is why I’m leaning toward it. Now if these devs could recruit that guy doing Ascent and combine efforts…

5. Worlds Adrift

I am taking a shine to this art style and the adventure/exploration angle. Plus, grappling hooks as you swing about floating islands!

6. Ashes of Creation

There are a few red flags from this project, but these folks are going big and I admire the enthusiasm and ambition. Plus, it really does look like a cool MMO, with housing and a shifting world and a variety of playstyles to boot.

7. Amazon’s New World

Haven’t really heard much about this game past its original announcement, but dang if I’m not deeply curious how Amazon’s going to be handling an MMO. Speaking of which, I’m even more curious what John Smedley’s Amazon studio is working on as well!

8. Wild West Online

I’m about half-excited, half-cautious about this project. A western-themed MMO is a great idea and one that we’ve been needing for a while now, but all of this seems to have just come upon us quickly and without much knowledge of the studio or its designers. Still, we’ll be seeing what they can do by the end of this year, and you can bet that I’ll be there on day one.

9. Shroud of the Avatar

Can they shore up this game before launch? Lot of mixed word-of-mouth on this one, but I will be back in it when it gets the official “go” from Lord British.

10. Lost Ark

Drop-dead gorgeous graphics married with a Diablo action-RPG and elevated to an MMO. Sure, I’ll take a swing at that!

Honorable mentions:

  • Legends of Aria: Glad they’re expanding into an actual MMORPG’s shoes, but I am always wary of PvP gankbox worlds
  • Star Citizen: We’ll see. We’ll see.
  • Chronicles of Elyria: Again, a LOT of red flags, but also a LOT of ambition. I’m going to reserve hype and judgment until/if it comes out.
  • Crowfall: PvP is really not my thing, but I might give this a shot just for its housing and art design.
  • Any of the superhero MMOs: None look to be the frontrunner of the indie superhero scene, so I guess we’ll just see which one emerges triumphant in the end. Would love another City of Heroes-type game to play, though.
  • Peria Chronicles: Haven’t heard anything for a while about this import, but those cel-shaded graphics are gorgeous and it seems to be taking a lot of cues from EverQuest Next’s world design.

6 thoughts on “Syp’s 10 most wanted MMOs

  1. I’m still waiting on an official thing from Shroud too. It’s not so much that the game isn’t complete in its own way. Rather, it sort of feels like I’m the only person playing it when I log in online. It’s bizarre because you have plenty of community reminders lingering about, but it’s hard to actually find another living soul.

  2. I feel like a broken kender, I’ve seemingly lost my wanderlust when it comes to the MMO scene. I still tinker on player run servers for Ulrima Online and Warhammmer Online some but the last new MMO I dove in to was Guild Wars 2. I think it has to do with having less time for it than I used to.

  3. I just don’t think there’s a lot in Camelot for me at all. It’s really RvR focused, and if I’m not into that or crafting, I can’t see subbing up to play it. No hate here though.

  4. Quite like the concept of Runescape on iPad. Though with my luck it’ll probably need the latest iPads and iOS versions, which I don’t have. That seems to be the way with iPad apps.

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