The wild beckons in Secret World Legends

One thing I realized the other day is that I really hadn’t been in the Shadowy Forest for years now and that I had started to forget that this was, in many ways, a terribly special zone. Maybe I didn’t even understand that the first time through. But now that I’m about to finish things up, it’s striking home.

The progression through Transylvania is quite interesting when you look at it. You start out in the Besieged Farmlands, which features more human-made structures and outposts (besieged as it may be) along with some vampire camps. But it’s not really the wild. The fae presence is on the fringes, because this is the human area.

That all flips with Shadowy Forest, which is primarily ancient growth, a graveyard, an abandoned village, bogs, and, like, one farmhouse. You get the feeling that the more you head into it, the more you leave civilization behind. Even the main settlement, so to speak, is nothing more than some campers forming a makeshift enclave in the middle of the forest. It’s also a nice break from vampires, focusing more on spirits, fungal threats, some angry tree-things, and the Deathless. I should read up more on the Deathless, they seem like an interesting crew.

Of course, for all the great things Funcom has done for writing, stories, and body language, it cannot make a normal-looking kid to save its own hide. Have they seen kids? Because that up there, that is not a good example of what a human larva should look like. They couldn’t fix THAT when they rebooted this game and took away all my stuff?

I like to imagine that he stands there, looking all imperious, for hours and days. Just hoping that some adventurer will come along and be impressed. He’s probably sick of reading the same two pages of that book, too.

I don’t think that Transylvania as a whole has as memorable a cast of NPCs as Solomon Island (or even Scorched Desert), but it’s not a wash, either. The Iele is a completely fascinating quest giver. She doesn’t talk at all, but communicates the theme and objectives with her actions instead.

Also, that girl with her faerie wikipedia wagon is pretty awesome. A shame that she only gives one quest.

It’s my favorite spot in this zone! The cafe door with the heart that makes no sense!

One thing I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing is to go through all of the get-to-know-you dialogue with the quest givers. I stopped doing that on the second playthrough and I think it was a mistake. I’m learning a lot more about these people now that I’m taking the time to talk. Well, “talk” as I can. Maybe I slip them note cards so they know what I want to hear them blather on about.

One thought on “The wild beckons in Secret World Legends

  1. They did a pretty good job with Kyra (Blue Mountain) and Emilia. Luminita and Tibor, not so much.

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