Secret World: The Morninglight burns

Yeah you keep on talking to that teddy bear, you Orochi loon. Meanwhile, I’m going to actually be doing something productive.

So — and keep in mind it’s been a while for me since I’ve been in this part of Transylvania — but I don’t remember Carpathian Fangs being rather light on its content offerings. It definitely has fewer quest givers and overall missions than the previous two zones, although this might be due to the story going faster and being more guided at this point. It’s all good; it’s a pretty enough place, but I don’t feel a need to linger.

I’ve been blowing through quest after quest, again right now focusing on main missions rather than side ones. I think once I get to Tokyo I might do side missions if I run out of other things to do, but time’s a-ticking and I shouldn’t dally.

For the life of me, both times I’ve seen this cutscene, the vampire queen Mara here looks like some pop star on the way to a performance. Fangs and teeth, so very pale, and so very angry.

Of course, this zone is notable for being the place where we really start encountering and interacting with Emma. She’s a curious mixture of helpless girl, prophet, and superhero-in-disguise. There’s a lot of pain and loneliness and confusion in her too, which I guess fosters a sense of protection on the part of the player. Heaven knows that we’ve had our share of books and movies where a strong character has to watch over a kid. Maybe Logan will take her under his adamantium wing.

The insertion of a few Morninglight beats feels a tad out of place, but then, the whole Morninglight story doesn’t ever flow well until you get to Tokyo. It just pops up here and there, awkward and confusing.

I will tell you one thing. Out of all of the mysteries and secrets that Secret World has raised so far, the actual identity and look of Morninglight leader Philip Marquad is at the top of my list. He’s absolutely shrouded in secrecy and I think that there’s a huge reveal waiting for us.

This was an unexpected surprise. As a grand master, I get a free cache key every day, which to this date hasn’t really netted me anything much more than some currency, potions, and the occasional purple weapons upgrade bag. But this past week? I got both boots and a jacket from the cyberpunk set.

And that called for a new outfit! I have to say that I am totally head over heels for this jacket, so I mix-and-matched with some of my Gaia gear to make it all work. I am thrilled with the end result and might have to stick with this from now on.

I might have skipped over Cost of Magic, but I actually tackled The Castle the other night. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad this time. Maybe it got tweaked a little bit in the translation, but I only got caught once at the beginning and had no problem with navigating the rest of it — and even fighting the boss at the end. Capping that quest felt like a small victory in and of itself.


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