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5 of my favorite MMORPG Halloween memories

I find it dismaying how much I forget of years gone by but also thankful to records like blogs and pictures that help to retain and trigger some of those memories. So while I’m sure that I’ve forgotten many a great MMO Halloween event, here are six that stick out in my mind as some of my favorites.

1. Fighting the Headless Horseman in World of Warcraft

This is just such an iconic and fun event that’s been around for so, so long… and yet I love doing it pretty much every year. This spectral loudmouth spouts these ridiculous rhymes, taking us through a fight as familiar as riding a bike at this point. It’s all located right in the middle of Scarlet Monastery, which seems absolutely perfect for a Halloween throwdown, and I think part of the fun is desperately hoping that this time, this time will be the time that his mount drops. Probably won’t, however.

2. Going through WildStar’s Shade’s Eve instance

WildStar really did Halloween right when it finally came out with it. Probably a year or so too late to make an impression on a larger audience, but oh well, they are missing out on something spectacular. Among all of the terrific activities is a special dungeon that involves traipsing over a countryside, trying to connect with your teammates, and fighting off spooks and shadelings until you get to a ridiculously over-the-top fight. Just terrific, screenshot-worthy stuff.

3. Finding out that The Secret World was like Permanent Halloween: The MMO.

Whenever I find myself missing Halloween a little too much in an inappropriate time of year, I just head back to Kingsmouth in Secret World for the perfect atmosphere and, like, every horror trope ever. Old gods, drowned creatures, zombies, ghosts, ravens… the works.

4. Playing through LOTRO’s Haunted Burrow for the first year

Oh, I’ve loved the Haunted Burrow every year since, but its debut year was a truly special occasion. I fell instantly in love with this quirky, Hobbit-themed haunted house. There’s nothing else out there quite like it, and I probably didn’t leave it for a good two or three weeks solid after first walking through its doors.

5. Mad King Thorn’s silly puns in both of the Guild Wars games

Yeah, who doesn’t love this insane king that, year after year, returns to make us all grovel at his every whim, all for the chance of getting some bizarre loot? I feel a particular bond with Mr. Thorn and appreciate every dad joke he’s given to the community.


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