Secret World Legends: Interlude

With Transylvania done and done, I should have been ready to move on to Tokyo… but there were a few distractions along the way. First up? The new Jack ‘O Lantern raids, which I ran a few times on the hour to unlock those pumpkin boxes. Got a few nice cosmetics, but seeing as how I’m really happy with my current outfit, I’m not as motivated to chase clothing right now.

Side note: That “Happy Halloween” sign is the same one used in Funcom’s Hide and Shriek. Just a small observation.

I also ran the Meowling quest for Halloween, more out of principle than any real personal interest. I miss the other seasonal missions, and I guess I felt that I needed to at least do this to keep the holiday alive. At least I was reminded what a gorgeous place Stonehenge is first thing in the morning (or last thing in the evening?).

Was also reminded what a hideous beast the Cat God is. Not that I like cats very much even on their nice days, but still…

Probably the most disquieting part of this storyline is this line by the Madam after she read Andy’s future. Is it referring to his love life… or something far worse? Don’t hurt Andy, Funcom! There will be riots in the street!

I also went over to the Council of Venice for the connective mission. At least now, with the rework, we don’t have to grind scenarios or pay through our nose for a pass. Just one relatively easy fight and then we’re moving on!

One thought on “Secret World Legends: Interlude

  1. I wish I could have taken my group through the Meowling… but it required at least level 30. We’re only levels 19-20, so no Cat God for us. Maybe next year. Hoping they add some more seasonal quests in the future.

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