Secret World: Something is rotten in Venice

There’s both a temptation and an opportunity when it comes to rerunning old missions in Secret World Legends. The temptation is to speed through it, since I’ve done it before, just to get it over with and take one step closer to new content. The opportunity is to explore what I might have missed the first time around, to take more screenshots, to soak in the lore with the greater understanding that I now have with the game.

The interlude quests between Transylvania and Tokyo seem to drag on and on. I know that when they were first introduced, it was part of the build up to this new zone, but now it feels like one heckuva speed bump to endure. Characters keep telling me “go to Tokyo!” and then “but first do this!” which is all sorts of frustrating.

At least this is the last time, the last in-between mission. Rooting out some corruption in Venice and uncovering a connection between Venice, Tokyo, and the Phoenicians is a pretty key plot point, especially since the Purple People haven’t really had a starring role in the game so far. Anytime they do show up, they’re jerks through and through, though.

I was somewhat dreading this mission, because I have less than fond memories of slogging through it the first time around. Happily, it was much better this time — either because the mission was made easier, the combat is faster, or I just remember how to do it from the first time around. Probably all of the above. I only died once and got through it in about 20 minutes, so life is good.

And Agartha is bad. It’s distressing to see the Filth come into this place, because it’s pretty much the only real “home” that us Secret Worlders have. It’s sanctuary, a good place, a pure place. And now the Filth has its tendrils into it and it’s not leaving.

If the interlude quests tried my patience, then all was forgiven when I got sucked into the subway and joined forces with Sarah (otherwise known as Sara From The Tutorial). She’s gone nearly insane from the voices taking over her head and having looked into some void, but she pulls it together enough to help me get out of the subway.

This mission is fantastic, by the way. It’s action, through and through, but the setting is so eerie and tense. It’s pretty much navigating the hive of Fiilth where the bomb went off, sending this infection everywhere in this part of the city, and it’s not a place to linger. I wouldn’t call this quest scary, per se, but seeing things emerge out of the darkness, having the Filth creatures banging on the subway car… it all screams “GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!”

And so I do. But Sarah stays behind.

Hello, Tokyo, my old friend. Let’s dance.


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