Secret World Legends: Knock knock

Knock knock!

You never know what can be behind a door in Secret World. Could be a sugar-crazed hacker who is more than willing to fight on your side, could be a group of ambushing filth monsters. Doesn’t stop me from knocking and opening, though.

The whirlwind tour through Tokyo’s main storyline continues. I don’t remember it being this long, but then again, last time I only encountered it in segments as it was released. This time I’m being treated to the whole saga of Orochi, Fear Nothing, Gozen, and Killer Bunnies in sequence. It continues to be both fascinating, disturbing, and infuriating.

Infuriating because I had to go through that apartment of booby traps again. That’s a whole lot of work to keep some bunnies out, man.

I think every Secret World player has his or her favorite NPCs, but we also have those that get discarded as not being truly worth our attention. Jake Hama is that for me. Never connected with his character or what he was about, possibly because he is drunk and speaks in Japanese the whole time, but that’s how it goes. A weird costume does not a captivating character make.

Soon after the underground garage and the Fear Nothing Foundation headquarters, I’m sent into the next part of this horror trifecta: the Clubhouse.

This is one of the longer missions and a truly momentous setpiece. It begins in a youth clubhouse where everyone’s been slaughtered (or, like the picture above suggests, committed suicide with doll promptings). It was supposed to be a bunker of sorts against outside incursion, but the Filth got in and turned the place into a charnel house.

The “cocoon room” never ceases to give me the willies. You really have to hear all of the sound effects of these gestating eggs to get the full effect. Just never go in the water — trust me.

Then after the youth clubhouse part is this massive temple room that just so happens to play host to a grumpy Filth creature. Oh, and there’s a kitchen with ghosts and really sad journal entries all around spelling out the final moments of these poor kids — cast-offs of the Virgula Divina program.

Just when you think that mission is going on forever, there’s a final part of the Clubhouse in the basement office that’s somehow more disturbing than everything else that came before it. Could be the supernaturally quick killer bunny, or perhaps the emergency lighting.

Listening to the drunken speech of this Morninglight scum gave me chills this time, especially as I was thinking about season two. The Dark Days are coming, but they aren’t quite here yet. The world is ending, but hasn’t quite gotten as bad as it could. All I keep asking myself is… what is Exodus? And does it mean that there is some possibility of saving this world or at least some of its people?


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