Secret World Legends: Ascended angel

Office naps? I could totally work at Orochi. You know, if it wasn’t for the unlimited horrors that all of the floors seem to contain.

I’m actually really glad that Funcom decided to make us go through all of the floors in a linear fashion, because there are some downright interesting levels that I hadn’t seen yet. It’s definitely some of the best environmental storytelling that the team has put out to date, with tales that are in turn funny, sad, and downright creepy.

I could have done without the poltergeist level, though.

Do you think that Orochi cuts out the middleman and just hires corpses? I really, really should have kept a tally this time through the game.

So pretty. So deadly. Orochi Tower was a good excuse for Funcom to reuse assets and ideas from all over the game, including killer, out-of-control fungi.

I probably felt the worst on this level, which featured a “Bee” from The Hive who was subject to numerous amputations (since he could regrow his limbs) as Orochi studied animated flesh. Wasn’t sure if he was dead or not… I think so, but otherwise I would have appreciated a way to free him.

There was one floor with the lights completely out. Could have done without that as well.

Weirdest floor? Pac-Man. Definitely wasn’t expecting this, but got a few good belly laughs out of it.

Finally to the Penthouse I went and faced down Lilith for a second time in my Secret World history. Much of what she said made more sense this time around, although I did think that the whole conclusion took far longer than it should’ve.

Oh hai, Deus Ex Machina! I won’t lie, it was pleasant to see Lilith get her comeuppance for once. Although I did notice this time around that Emma was pretty absent from the proceedings. Wonder what her story is going to be going forward.

Took a short breather on my way back to London to smackdown Hel. I only have about 14 or so of those snowflakes left, but I don’t know if I have 14 fights left in me, especially since they’re timed on the hour.

It’s been one VERY long intermission so far. C’mon Funcom, let’s get on with it!


One thought on “Secret World Legends: Ascended angel

  1. Yon January 4, 2018 / 10:02 am

    Too late now, but you can enter again after the first event fight end. You get 2 flakes easy, 3 if your first 2 groups kill her fast.

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