DDO: Adventures are better with friends

Don’t look now, but Syp is creepin’ and peepin’ at you from the rushes in Dungeons and Dragons Online. It’s just where I hang out most days. Probably why the hair on the back of your neck sticks up more often than not.

Last week’s theme in the game was “actually being social,” which is somewhat of a novelty for me. Actually, it didn’t used to be, especially in DDO. Back in the early days of the game, you HAD to group up pretty much all of the time. The whole game was built for it, which had its pluses and minuses. I loved having that social component and exploring dungeons with friends, but it could be very frustrating to try to arrange runs for specific instances you need. I found myself having to be more loosey-goosey, go-with-the-flow instead of goal-oriented.

I got a good taste of the old life — the classic DDO experience — this past week with a couple of runs with friends. Matt from DDOCentral took some time on Monday night to give me a tour around some interesting spots in the game and then fight with me through a minotaur-laden arena. If you have a highly knowledgeable DDO friend, I recommend toting one along as kind of a running commentary of Things You Don’t Know But Should.

Run #2 was televised to a worldwide audience. Sort of. OK, it was streamed on Twitch, as Massively OP’s MJ, a friend, and I teamed up to go through a pair of missions. If you’re really bored, you can watch the whole thing on MOP TV. We started out with a pretty uneventful graverobbing mission, but it was fun to have a party in which we all took roles. As an Artificer, I took up the duties of a rogue, scouting ahead for traps and then backwheeling mightily when bad guys poured out of the woodwork.

As an aside, I truly enjoyed driving everyone nuts with the pfft-pfft-pfft of my repeating crossbow.

Our second mission was much more challenging, probably because its design documents simply included the words “FIRE. FIRE EVERYWHERE. ALSO, LAVA.”

It was like descending into a little pocket of hell and trying to figure out what we should be doing while enemies kept respawning left and right. At one point, both of my teammates bit the dust, so on the fly I picked up their soul stones and then courageously ran away. I do running away very, very good. The good news is that we did survive and beat the dungeon without a full wipe, and I was left with the increasing desire to do more group activities in the future.

7 thoughts on “DDO: Adventures are better with friends

  1. DDOCentral January 18, 2018 / 10:12 am

    It was good running with you on Monday. Let me know if you want to do so again sometime.

  2. DonV January 18, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    Great stuff enjoyed the vid with MJ, some amusing moments like when MJ fireballed your face while you were attempting a lockpick. Been playing pretty regular as some old friends are back in the game. Great to have a mix of classic old and new stuff to run in Ravenloft.

  3. Telwyn January 18, 2018 / 4:52 pm

    It’s a great coop game indeed. Having fun with two friends when schedules sync. A lot more control over difficulty levels than most MMOs.

  4. DDOCentral January 20, 2018 / 9:03 am

    One of the developers at DDO mentioned on a livestream this week that the 3rd artificer Prestige class will be tentatively released in 2018: Artificer Renegade Mastermaker. The Renegade Mastermaker is a kind of magical cyborg, where a fleshy character becomes a Warforged over time: http://dnd.arkalseif.info/classes/renegade-mastermaker/index.html

  5. DonV January 20, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Not a big fan of that cyborg artificer idea. I am kind of attatched to the gnome arti concept due to my early playing of Jan as a character in Baldur’s Gate. I can see how this would appeal to a lot of people and would add a cyberpunk flavor.

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