DDO: A hazard to myself

With my time in Secret World Legends on hiatus until/unless new content arrives and a waning interest in pushing through the remainder of LOTRO’s Mordor, my MMO time is pretty much World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons Online these days. That feels oddly limited for me, but I know more is on the way this spring, so I’m not concerned.

In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my near-daily forays into a different DDO dungeon. Am I the only one who is relieved when I see that the dungeon length of any particular instance is “medium” rather than “long” or “very long”? I get really nervous about the longer ones, because if I up and die in them, I’d hate to lose an hour or two and have to redo them all.

No absolutely terrific stories from this past week to share, I’m afraid. I’m slowly making my way through House K quests, since those seem to be fairly on-level, and I should hit level 10 before too long.

But what IS exciting is that I got a new skill that allows me to fire my repeating crossbow for 18 seconds WITHOUT RELOADING. My grand dream of a machine gun crossbow in this game is finally realized. I actually cackle whenever I activate this now, spraying a room with dozens and dozens of bolts and whittling down bosses in seconds.

Sometimes? A single fun skill can make all of the difference in how much you enjoy your game. Not that I wasn’t before, mind you.

3 thoughts on “DDO: A hazard to myself

  1. Just played through the Ravenloft chain with an old DDO buddy that recently returned to the game. It’s amazingly good. Also seems like a lot of replayability with the card draws and the complexity of some of the dungeons. We will be running our next batch of characters back through real soon now.

  2. I’m still hoping I’ll get my trio static to level 10 so we can see Ravenloft together, although we’ve not managed to sync schedules as much recently. Watching the DDO stream you did with MJ it’s brought home how annoying the repeating crossbow noise can be to other players, I don’t notice it much myself as I’m so used to it but listening to someone else play an artificer it’s a lot more noticeable…

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