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World of Warcraft: The Postman

Ever since I heard about the new “secret” postal quest chain that came in the latest World of Warcraft patch, I knew I had to do it. It sounded pretty neat, had some cool rewards, and I thought it’d make for a fun story.

The only problem was starting the quest. You see, to access the chain, you have to grab a piece of “lost mail” that spawns every few hours in front of one mailbox in Dalaran. I camped this location for about two days, often tabbing in and out of the game while working to see if it had appeared. On occasion, other players gathered about and even griefed the spawn spot by sitting on top of it with their big Tauren butts. Way to be mature there, future ground beef.

But bliss upon bliss, I saw that the letter appeared late one night. Grabbing it, I was off on a magical adventure into the underbelly of Azeroth’s postal delivery service. Apparently the post room is a completely new locale built for this quest, and let me tell you, it’s a real treat. Very detailed and colorful; it made me think of Harry Potter and all of those flying letters in the first book.

The Postmaster himself — formerly only known by the letters he sends to players — assigned me a few missions of various import.

Perhaps most galling was to loot the reigns of Invincible (the mount just about everyone wants) and then hand them over to that egotistic elf Johnny Awesome… who then just vendors them. It’s definitely a cruel move on the part of the developers to taunt players so.

As an aside, I noticed that this goblin is grilling up a fish head burger. Remind me never to eat at this resort.

I got a laugh when I was sent to erect a toy next to Johnny’s previous mount, one of those celestial steeds. Which, apparently, was only partially buried. Hooves up.

After all of the running around, the final part of this quest chain is to engage in a mail sorting minigame. You’re given the name of a town and zone and have to quickly click one of the tubes going to various continents. The ultimate goal is 30 letters in 60 seconds, with a wrong click costing you precious seconds in delay. I know it sounds easy? But it’s honestly incredibly nerve-wracking. I kept getting close, so very close, as that “29” up there mocked me. I’ll say that in the end, I had to play this game about 20 times before beating it.

And there’s even a more ADVANCED version where you only get a town name and no zone, and there is no way I have all of that memorized. No thank you. I have a life. Sort of.

Other than the novelty of this whole experience, there were a few nice rewards, such as a “mailemental” pet, a summonable mailbox on a three-hour timer, and an item to upgrade a piece of heirloom gear. Even better was an extra copy of the lost mail item to start the quest, which I promptly turned around and sold on the auction house for 72,000 gold. Hey, I camped for it, I benefit from it. Seems fair to me.

One thought on “World of Warcraft: The Postman

  1. There a weakaura (addon) string you can get to help you with the town names. I used that to get the title because Wow has way too many similar sounding names at this point in its lifespan. I just don’t play Horde enough to know those locations as well as I do the Alliance side.

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