World of Warcraft: A song of Uuna

One of the side activities that I wanted to accomplish sooner rather than later was to unlock the little Uuna vanity pet. She came out a couple of patches ago and was notable for being a vanity pet with a whole involved storyline. It’s pretty dang neat, so I recommend trying it out.

Uuna is a dead Draenei girl who begins all of this being a disassembled skeleton.

Yeah, this is a happy place to be. Little dead girl, check. Thanks for the positive feels there, Blizzard.

Anyway, it took a couple of days to gather together the various bones found in Argus and then summon some sort of multifaced demon dog to fight. He didn’t drop her soul on the first day, but I was in luck on the next. Uuna was mine!

She’s not quite all there when you first summon her. She’s pretty freaked out as a spirit of a little girl, and I had to use emotes to win her over to become my friend. Next up? A world tour in which she would interact with various locales and then start gathering new accessories.

See that tiny floating island out there? I had to jump there. Thank you, goblin gliders!

I thought it was a really cool idea to have a vanity pet that kept upgrading its appearance. Uuna ends up getting her little stuffed animal pet, a flower crown, and a wand that shoots stars. But just when she finishes getting all of this…

She gets sucked down into the underworld. Well, good knowing you there, kid.

Fine. I’ll bust into the afterlife and drag you kicking and screaming back into reality. This isn’t worth the $2.50 an hour I’m getting for babysitting.

This, by far, was one of the coolest parts of any quest in the game. I was taken to this shadowy purple forest that genuinely looked and felt unsettling. And then the shadow-monsters started crawling toward Uuna at all sides — and I couldn’t attack them. I could sort of knock them back and try to keep them at bay. Then I gave her a hug and she exploded in sunlight, blasting the shadows away.

Aw. Excuse me. Something in me eye.

And with that, Uuna’s back and able to be summoned. Since my Death Knight is a Draenei, it seems oddly appropriate to have a little sister along for the journeys ahead.

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