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Secret World Legends: South Africa, eh?

Well, that’s settled then: Flappy and Company are heading to South Africa!

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. First there was the allure of Northern Mirkwood in LOTRO, and now Secret World Legends has finally (FINALLY) announced the start of season two and the first new story content of this reboot. On April 4th, we’ll be heading to South Africa, a locale that I think surprised a lot of people. From the hints that the game was giving us, I think most players assumed Antarctica, the Congo, or the moon. I can’t even recall if South Africa was mentioned anywhere in the game up to this point, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Funcom slipped it in under the radar.

We know a bit here, but not as much as I would like. For instance, we don’t know how big this zone is or how many quests will be involved. But we do know that this will take us to the cult compound of the Morninglight, a prominent cult in the game that’s emerged under many names and in many locations (including the Fear Nothing Foundation in Tokyo). There is just nothing good with the Morninglight and everything to give us the extreme heebie-jeebies.

Probably the biggest question that we have left to answer — or the biggest reveal — is the person of Philip Marquard, the cult’s leader. We’ve never seen his face in the game to date; one quest shows John meeting him, but his face is obscured in a bright light. I did do a Google search and it turned up this piece of concept art showing a Morninglight temple and some portraits of what looks to be a very South African-looking man.

So we know that we’ll be infiltrating New Dawn as a prospective member of the Morninglight, which is definitely an interesting angle to go. Although I’m a little wary of the potential for sabotage missions out of the wazoo; I’d prefer a straight-up fight, especially now that I have my angel wings.

We also know that South Africa will bring some new creature types inspired by the region’s folklore. So far this looks to be a grinning hyena-thing and a bird-thing. Sort of reminiscent of the Filth creatures but not as goopy and droopy.

Anyway, it’s free, and there is just about no reason I won’t be there on Day One to explore the first part of the post-Tokyo storyline. Here’s hoping that Funcom can really crank up its narrative machine and start delivering new content on a much more frequent basis than what we’ve seen so far with Legends or even in the past couple years of The Secret World.

3 thoughts on “Secret World Legends: South Africa, eh?

  1. It’s an interesting choice. I haven’t played since Legends came out. Guess I’ll continue my ‘wait & see’ attitude just to find out how much new material is added and the quality. Frankly I just don’t really feel like going though all the hassle of leveling up another character at all though.

  2. Dito. They can call me once they transfer the new content into TSW. Or alternatively, once they made the new combat system bearable again. I’m not demanding DCU or ESO quality, but as long as they stick to the idea of your own weapons being your worst enemies (being blown up by your own assault rifle is fun, right?) i see no reason for me to be there.

  3. I’m busy with the last few parts of Volume I in LOTRO, Vigil server in Rift Prime, a Diablo II: LoD run with some friends, and Gaia Online’s zOMG! (recently returned from the dead after some promised fixes to security issues), all of which are also being streamed ( ). I intend on returning to SWL eventually, since I think I’m one of the few people that actually likes the new combat system. It reminded me more of Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2, which I’m much more familiar with. Never had the weapons work against me yet, but then I barely got out of Kingsmouth in SWL, having just completed a lot of those quests for a previous live stream series on TSW. After I had too much of either of the Secret Worlds, i moved on to my old favorite LOTRO.

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