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World of Warcraft: Time on my mind

I think that my experiment to dive into World of Warcraft’s economic scene and try to make money from it has been fairly successful since I started it earlier this year. Since I started it at the new year, I’ve made 1.5 million gold (about 500k a month, more or less) and cashed those in for eight WoW tokens. That was enough to get me the expansion and several months’ of game time, to the point where I’m subbed into the summer months.

I’ve decided to scale back. Initially, I saw it as a goal to see how much I could earn through a few proven means, but that ended up taking a lot of my game time away every day — like up to two hours. If I only get 2-4 hours to play a day, then that’s just too much and doesn’t leave me any time to enjoy this game, nevermind others.

So right now I’m doing a quick 30 minute run every day to grab herb world quests, bacon world quests, Broken Isle treasure caches, and doing the emissary quest on my Death Knight alone. That, plus doing the order hall missions, has been enough to keep around 10,000 to 15,000 gold coming in each day with auction house flipping, and I’m left with enough time to pursue other goals.

What are these other goals? Mostly just wrapping up as much in my quest log from Legion on my Death Knight, which this past week was focused on getting the Suramar campaign done and unlocking another allied race.

I pretty much put blinders on and powered through this campaign, because it was 100% World of ElfCraft. I don’t think devs realize how much they overdose on elves so regularly, but here we have a whole zone devoted to them — including their Super Magical City of Joy — and nothing that has happened has endeared me to their cause. Not even when they trotted out little elf kids like it was Christmas Eve or something.

My eye rolling muscles got the biggest workout during one particular campaign mission where we were trying to assault the palace of some Queen Elf Bee. She comes out and starts lecturing the forces arrayed against her, which turned out to be no less than THREE different sects of Elves. At this point I’m waving my arms wildly and going, “See? See? We’re drowning in these dumb elves here! What is wrong with you, developers?”

It kind of reminds me of when the Borg came on Star Trek. At first they were really popular and terrifying, much like elves. And when the producers realized this, they started shoving the Borg in our faces every chance they got for ratings.

I’m not going to be assimilated into the elf crowd. Oh no. I will resist to my last breath.

I haven’t even gotten my class mounts yet, although I’m kind of at a loss why, since I’ve finished up the order hall missions, gotten everyone up to 950, etc. It’s not like the game is going to let me know what I’m missing.

I’ll tell you, I am very much intrigued that Kul Tirans might well be playable and have Druids as an option. I’ve wanted a straight-up Druidic human option for a while now, especially because we’re still hurting for Druid races. The wicker-style forms look bad to the bone, and I can totally see myself leveling up one in the expansion.

It’s made me wonder how much we’ll have to do in Legion once Battle for Azeroth comes out. Like, so much of what’s at the endgame right now has to become superfluous later, much like how the whole garrison building of Draenor is today. Maybe just level to 110 then ditch the storylines and sacrifice your artifact weapon like a good boy or girl?

Let me tell you, this game has a real expansion reset problem. I’m half excited about the reset just for a semi-fresh start, and half frustrated with how it represents the negation of everything we’ve been chasing for two years. You’d think they’d let us keep something other than a handful of weapon skins, but… yeah.

One thought on “World of Warcraft: Time on my mind

  1. Your class mount requires finishing the quest line in broken shore, along with quests in Suramar (NOT part of the suramar zone completion quests, these are different quest points). Otherwise known as Assault on Broken Shore, and Breaching the Tomb. As a part of that you need to finish the class hall campaign. There’s no Argus involved, so the level of your followers etc. is not a component.

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